Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday Funday

This past Sunday, the weather here in Boston was amazing. It was even better Monday! Like I've said before, Spring is on its way! :)

A couple friends suggested hitting the fields in South Boston for some soccer and field hockey. I'm not going to lie, I wanted to skip the athletics and head straight to the bar for some Sunday Funday drinks! What? I'm still getting used to not having to worry about my work schedule on Sundays or making sure all my client charge time is in before 9pm. 

Anyways, to the fields we went. And before I knew it, we had decided to play 2v2 soccer with a basketball, on the pavement of an enclosed hockey court (court?). Ya, my shins were a bit sore Monday. As fun as it was, I was dying. Certainly didn't make any of the morning workouts I've been doing seem worth it! But my competitive spirit certainly helped as my team won (obviously). J & I chose to be on separate teams. We're both too competitive to play on the same team. ha. We've learned that over the years! Oh, and he says he "let" us win. ha ha ha. :)

We headed back to our condo to rehydrate & relax for a bit. The boys played a few video games and we hung out. Tuck even got in on the fun. This photo cracks me up, he is so serious when he watches TV.

But he soon realized he'd rather snuggle with me than watch video games (obviously)...

He is just adorbs. :)

Ok, so once the boys lost at FIFA enough to get frustrated, we headed out for dinner & drinks. I had picked up a cute new pair of flats Saturday while shopping with my mother-in-law and decided to wear them to dinner. I was told by a girl at the bar that they were the perfect Sunday Funday shoes. HA! What do you think?

The bar we chose for dinner has 50% off all food, all the time. I know, why don't think just change the prices on the menu?? I have no idea. But when the $10 burger is actually $5, I'll take it!

And, added bonus.....there was a charity event going on. J donated $5 to the V Foundation for Cancer to toss 7 ping pong balls towards the end of a beer pong table. Each cup had a different prize ranging from a bottle opener, to a free beer, to the beer pong table itself! Before I knew it, J had won a free beer and a forearm sweatband. Annnd the table! Or so we thought....turns out, he won a CHANCE at the table. Bummer. 

As it turns out, only 4 people won chances at the table, including J's friend Kevin. And they decided why not have the 4 guys compete for it. Most accurate shots wins.

Sorry about the quality of the photos, I chose not to use a flash so that I wouldn't distract the guys.

And the winner is....

Snapped this one quick with my phone, J was embarrassed. Ha. But, hey, now we have a portable beer pong table just in time for the South Boston St. Patty's Day festivities this weekend!

Oh, and tomorrow I'm planning on sharing a delicious & healthy dinner option! :)

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