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Baby C2 - 29/30 weeks

I'm not even surprised that I missed my 4 week schedule for Baby And titling this 29/30 weeks since it has taken me that long to finish writing it and posting it.

28 weeks, quick gym bump snap

The beginning of the third trimester seems to be a busy time for us. Traveling, enjoying the warmer weather, mile-long weekend to-do lists... realizing how fast time is moving and what we have left to get done.

Since the 24 week update we've spent a week on Hilton Head Island (@ 27 weeks), built a paver patio out by our pool & took a trip to IKEA to stock up on items for L's new room (@ 28 weeks), and continued to tackle yardwork and toddlerhood. I'm honestly not sure which of the last two are more exhausting these days.

Attempting some family photos with a toddler...

I decided to have someone come over and watch L while my mom and I got some yardwork done last weekend and my biggest regret, not doing so sooner! Toddler attention spans are short and require lots of energy, creativity, and your 100% focus. L had so much fun and we were able to get almost all of my planned to-do list done. I am hooked on hiring a Mother's helper from time to time now - it was well worth it for me.

According to the many comparisons available, at 30 weeks baby is the size of a honeydew melon, a Hawaiian pineapple, or a head of cabbage. Really?! This makes me nervous. But reminding myself that my body is fully capable of this - it's done it before!

  • Iced coffee, cold cold water, lemonade
  • Salads - loved this one and this one (with steak tips) last week
  • Ice cream- oh man, if you're local, the current seasonal flavors at Hornstra are insanely good.
  • Fruit salad

Aversions: Anything that involves turning on the oven. Ha. It's getting hotter here and I'm definitely running warmer these days so I think we'll be using the oven less and less and opt for the grill instead.

What 29/30 weeks really feels like:
  •  At 25 weeks my right hip pain got so bad I could barely walk. Think pain so sharp it takes your breath away. :( The very worst day of it occurred Mother's Day and I've never felt so defeated and at a loss on what to do. An ultrasound reported everything looking just fine thankfully, but that meant it was something I'd have to deal with and chalk it up as positional pain. 
  • Well I'm counting my lucky stars that by the time we left for vacation at 27 weeks preggo the pain was gone! And still is. They think some extra growth in my uterus allowed baby boy to re-position himself. I have never felt so relieved. 
  • At 28 weeks, I left work one day and realized just how great I've been feeling. Good weather doesn't hurt, but the level of pain I had carrying L by this point is much duller this time around and same with the foot swelling. Knock on rib pain yet. Guess it's true what they say, I am definitely carry this little guy lower than I carried L.
  • Definitely feeling fuller faster as baby boy continues to take up more room
  • And along the same lines, so many more bathroom runs. My bladder is definitely getting squished lately.
  • Sooo much movement lately. And some minor Braxton Hicks contractions where my whole stomach tightens. I don't think I had this much movement with L or have her kick me in the bladder area and have an oh oops! moment (ha, ya...) ...but maybe? It's getting harder to remember. But it seems like baby boy is much more active in there then L was! We get a kick out of watching my whole stomach move around...and somehow there are 10 more weeks of growing left to do. Yikes!
  • Remember all the yardwork I mentioned above? It was such a satisfying feeling to get so much done with J out of town, but I woke up Sunday exhausted. J was away for the weekend so I was setting my alarm an hour or so earlier than I expected L to wake both days to get a few things done and enjoy a little coffee & quiet time. Sunday morning included a nice headache and that silly hangover feeling I mentioned previously when there's not enough sleep.  Not ideal when toddler swim lessons were on the agenda! 
27 weeks - Downtown Savannah and morning walks on the beach in HHI

What's on our to-do list:
  • Clean out the guest room closet and add in a closet system for L. Currently thinking the PAX system from IKEA but of course our ceiling height is between the 2 options they have...and the shorter one is just too short, ugh. Jay might be hacking this one a little bit so that it works. Closet is cleaned out and painted! And the PAX system has been purchased. I cannot wait to set it up, hopefully this weekend.
  • Purchasing L's new convertible crib and getting her big girl room set-up. I have some floral fabric I am using as the colors for her room - similar to this with some touches of purple too. Well, the crib has been purchased...but L figured out how to climb out of her current crib this past weekend! Yes, while J was away of course. And yes, after our current video monitor decided to sh*t the bed on me. Nothing like hearing little footsteps and a should be napping L saunter into your room. So now we're figuring out plan B over here....I think we'll be cutting down the legs on the amazing spool bed we inherited (it is super high off the ground!). I've always envisioned it in her big girl room, just didn't realize that would be happening so soon!
  • Repainting the nursery and add a few "boy" personal touches. Currently thinking greens, natural woods, nature-themed (with at least 1 fishing reference for J's sake). Love the idea of something like this.
  • Picking out/purchasing a double stroller (currently leaning towards the GT City Mini Double - good?!), a second monitor, and a few odds & ends I've been favoriting to an Amazon list - we are definitely getting a bottle sterilizer this time around! Our video monitor has been slowly dying lately and completely shut off on my last weekend. J got it back on once he was home but  a new and improved one is on its way. I think it's safe to say the GT City Mini double stroller is a definite. Currently a little confused on the infant car seat adapter situation but it sounds like they're just still coming out with them for their newest model? Anyone know what's up for a Chicco Keyfit adapter?
At this point we are done with any major travel and hoping to savor the next 2+ months of summer before baby's arrival. It is going to fly. But I'm getting more and more excited as the days pass. Watching L with my niece on vacation and seeing dear friends become moms recently is giving me all the feels. I cannot wait til our baby is here!

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