Monday, March 7, 2016

Future Family of 4

You read that right....Baby #2 is on the way! Our little family will be expanding to four in August.

While I'm still struggling with time for blogging, I absolutely love looking back at pregnancy posts with L. It was fun to document and important to me to do so again.

At this point, I'm already 16 weeks! Yikes. Between busy season at work and caring for a toddler, this pregnancy is really flying by. I'm lucky if I remember to read up on one of my pregnancy apps once or twice a week. Those things were the bible last time! 

Just a bit bigger of a bump at 16 weeks this time!

Obviously there is so much less unknown having experienced it before and overall, I'm feeling great. So there is no real daily reminder this time. Weeks 6-9 included an insatiable hunger that led to nausea if ignored. But since then - nothing! I was nervous at first that something was wrong. I got an awful stomach bug at 9 weeks and all my symptoms disappeared the next day. But all is great in Baby C2's world - phew. I'm certainly not complaining!

So let's follow the same format I used during Baby C's pregnancy. (16 weeks with L)

Symptoms: Like I said, I am feeling great. Exhausted, but hardly any nausea, no food aversions, no headaches. What's different than last time? No morning sickness! Yes, there was nausea for a few weeks but I never got physically sick this time. (That was the worst). I am definitely more exhausted with round 2 - could be work, chasing a toddler, or just a different pregnancy, but I am so tired. The first trimester was really tough on weekends when I was home all day with L. Jay came home late from a Pats game one weekend and was met with tears and a please don't ever leave us that long again! Dramatics are totally acceptable during pregnancy.

Similar to my last pregnancy, there will be no running again. And even earlier on this time! Boo. I tested it out a week or so ago and the pelvic floor pain started setting in within an hour. I know it only gets worse if I ignore it soo, we'll be taking it slow again.

Food aversions: Hot coffee for weeks 6-9. Tea became an instant staple for the short time needed. I was joking when I first found out I was pregnant - better pack in the salads now before the thought of veggies makes me want to yack! But it never happened. And chicken has been fine too - so so crazy how different pregnancies can be.

Food cravings: Ugh, give me all the bagels and donuts again. I have a serious sweet tooth this time that needs to be tamed. And as always, iced coffee. Chalking that up to the exhaustion but an afternoon iced half-caf is a regular occurrence.

I am up at least 5 lbs already...probably more. But work and Baby #1 certainly make it harder to fit in gym time now. I'm not concerned. But I am hoping the warmer weather has us all a bit more active soon! For now I am soaking up my time with L before she grows up even more before my eyes taking on the big sister role.

I'm not sure if those of you reading this with more than one kid can relate but pregnancy #2 is certainly different. I haven't even started to think about the nursery yet, I have much less desire to spend my $$ on maternity clothes - but trust me, they're definitely getting worn sooner this time - and overall there is just much less anticipation and discussion. Don't get me wrong - we are all over the moon! But much less follow up post initial reactions. Even between J & me. I found myself reminding him (ok, us) that I was pregnant last week and needed to slow down a little (a toddler getting up daily by 5 am recently is wearing on me so bad...). I've been told this may be why I feel better this time though - no time to dwell on it!

And lastly, we'll be finding out the gender this time! While we absolutely loved the surprise with L (and highly recommend it!) we've decided to see what it's like to find out early. It happens to fall on my birthday weekend so we're going to embrace it and indulge in a cake reveal. A friend spun it recently as, why wait on a great surprise? I'm going with that this time. :)

We are so so grateful for this opportunity to raise another little one! That is something I truly think about daily. 

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