Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Baby C2 - 20 Weeks

Where do I even is it possible we're halfway through this pregnancy already? Yikes. But it has been an exciting week! Good Friday started with an ultrasound appointment. This is standard for 18-20 weeks and many, many measurements are taken to ensure everything is on track and the baby is growing at a healthy rate. We also chose to have the tech provide us with a sealed card informing us of our baby's gender. Once the tech has taken all the necessary photos and measurements, the doctor comes in to review and do a little ultrasound viewing for themselves. In the words of the doctor "I am trying to stay one step ahead of this child but man is it moving around a ton, can you feel that?" we left with a follow-up appointment 1 week later to finish up the few areas around the heart the doctor was having a hard time seeing. And thankfully baby was much more cooperative yesterday - all is looking great. Phew!

If you missed my first check-in you can find that here - 16 weeks 

Ok, I won't keep it from you any longer...Baby C2 is a.....


We have had so much fun sharing the news with family and friends over the past week. From a cake on Easter with family, where we ourselves also found out, to this balloon filled with confetti at my birthday party we (J) hosted Saturday night, it has been a great way to share the news.

I can't say that I was shocked. There are many differences between this pregnancy and the last so my intuition was telling me boy. But it is definitely still sinking in! I am going to have a son, a Mama's boy for at least the first few years. Eek! More than 1 friend who's a father to a son told me Saturday night that while J is pumped for a boy, that baby is going to be all mine for a while. :)

Symptoms: I feel like I'm stretching to come up with anything noteworthy for symptoms....I've had some minor pain in my lower abs lately but I think I brought this one on myself from a nonstop weekend and picking up a few heavier items (toddler included...) too often. Foot cramps have started too but nothing too crazy yet.

Workouts: My goal is 2-3 workouts a week and for the most part its been attainable. J and I switch off who gets up at the crack of dawn to workout before work and I generally hit the gym early Saturday morning too. My fitbit has also been great at reminding me to get up and move throughout the day to get that step # up!

Food Aversions: None

Food Cravings: I am doing my best to control this sugar monster but Easter candy and birthday cake is not helping me out. I am constantly starving so also trying to eat better options with more substance than a bagel with cream cheese....overnight oatmeal has been great for that lately. And Trader Joe's mint chip ice cream I could eat nightly...I've stopped buying it just for that reason. Oops!

Updates Obviously finding out the gender was the biggest update so far. But here are a few more:
  • I told myself we would only move L out of her nursery and across the hall to the current guest room if we found out it was another girl. I have no desire to paint her purple walls again! And then my mom offered her painting services.... the guest room does have the best closest space. And would keep us from walking by her room at every late night feeding. So now I'm really tempted.
  • I think we've settled on transitioning L to an IKEA crib and keeping her current crib in the nursery. We didn't buy the conversion kit for her crib....but I'm not sure she's ready for a toddler bed yet. So instead of buying the conversion kit and another crib, it just seems to make the most sense to go with a crib that comes with the toddler bed conversion (for less $$ than price tag of her current cribs conversion kit!).
  • I still haven't put much thought into a nursery plan just yet. But I have done lots of day dreaming about L's "big girl" room. I'm pretty excited about that. Her gender neutral nursery didn't really have a cohesive look to it so I'm hoping to give her an updated space that shows more of her spunky personality.
  • You better believe I did some online shopping for baby boy last Monday after finding out the gender Sunday night. What?! I couldn't help it...and a $10 rewards coupon to Carters didn't help. :)

What a whirlwind! More than halfway through this pregnancy?! And, a boy?!!! We are thrilled at the opportunity to raise a son but more importantly, grateful for another healthy pregnancy and healthy, growing baby.

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