Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Baby C2 - 24 weeks

The fact that there are only 16 weeks left in this pregnancy is starting to freak me out. J seems to think that's an eternity and we have plenty of time to get things done....riigghht.... 1 month left in the second trimester, holy sh#!t.

I decided to treat myself to a maternity stitch fix recently and I am SO impressed. This was my 6th fix and the first time I think I am keeping everything. I have found my stylist, hallelujah! Her note was so personal - she found/read my blog, picked items based on my pinterest board, and is a boy mama! So impressed. All of the photos below are in outfits I received in my latest fix - so good, right?

White swing top & denim maternity shorts - keepers!

Cravings: Oh man, the soft-serve ice cream craving is back... I haven't really been able to indulge in it much thanks to this wonderful New England weather, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Ice cold drinks - iced coffee, lemonade, iced tea. Bagels, diner breakfast (I have been dying to go out to breakfast lately), and tomatoes. A side dish of fresh tomatoes with salt and dried basil has made its appearance frequently lately....this is a strange one for me. J is back to a strict paleo diet for the month which has me eating cleaner dinners home with him. And I have to say, I really don't hate it - it definitely helps me keep things in check. Especially when the day typically starts with a few carb heavy items.

Aversions: None. Thank you baby boy. :)

Non-maternity collarless blazer. A little bold for me but so comfy and will be great postpartum too - keeper!

Missing most: As cocktail season begins, I'm really wishing I could indulge. A glass of crisp white or rose wine sounds so appealing lately! Wishing I could have sushi from time to time and I know I'll be jealous of those of you indulging in raw bar items come summertime.

Aside from food & drinks, I miss running. Or breaking out into a hard sweat from working out. I am definitely envious of those of you who are able to run for most of your pregnancy. But I'm swapping cardio for some extra weight lifting lately - loving Body Pump. And will stick with that as long as I can.

What 24 weeks really feels like:
  • Flying with a 21 month old asleep in my lap recently was brutal. I loved every minute of the snuggles but once she was out cold, she was transferred over to back just couldn't handle it, and was so uncomfortable the rest of the flight.
  • Oooh the nightly leg & foot cramps! It's crazy. I can feel it coming on in my sleep and I try so hard to counteract it but nothing works other than jumping out of bed and applying pressure. And then of course needing to pee since I'm now up. 
  • My Fitbit Flex HR has started thinking I get activity in daily....apparently my heart-rate walking to/from the train station and work triggers this. I am definitely starting to feel it! We took many walks on our recent trip with L, slow and steady was what my body could handle.
  • Carrying this baby lower than I carried L means some pretty sharp right hip and pelvic floor pain most days. Getting up and taking a short walk seems to help but short jaunts to the restroom or kitchen include a slight limp and shortness of breath from the pain. :(
  • The ankle swelling has begun. Its far worse on my left side than right for some reason...? But swelling was a symptom I had with L too so I'm not surprised in the least. 
  • Not enough sleep has me waking up feeling awful. After a recent wedding in Charleston, L woke up way way too early. As the sober one, I probably should have been the one to get up with her but J is a super human and can have a great night and be totally fine the next morning. I on the the other hand felt like I had drank a bottle of wine on my own. I've been getting the worst headaches/heaviness if its just not enough sleep. Feeling hungover sober is just plain cruel.
This dress could not be softer or more comfortable! - keeper

What's on our to-do list:
  • Clean out the guest room closet and add in a closet system for L. Currently thinking the PAX system from IKEA but of course our ceiling height is between the 2 options they have...and the shorter one is just too short, ugh. Jay might be hacking this one a little bit so that it works.
  • Purchasing L's new convertible crib and getting her big girl room set-up. I have some floral fabric I am using as the colors for her room - similar to this with some touches of purple too.
  • Repainting the nursery and add a few "boy" personal touches. Currently thinking greens, natural woods, nature-themed (with at least 1 fishing reference for J's sake). Love the idea of something like this.
  • Picking out/purchasing a double stroller (currently leaning towards the GT City Double - good?!), a second monitor, and a few odds & ends I've been favoriting to an Amazon list - we are definitely getting a bottle sterilizer this time around! 

 Next post we'll be entering the third trimester. Gulp. And back from a week vacation in Hilton Head! Ahhh. So so needed.

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