Tuesday, May 13, 2014

St. Augustine, FL - 2014

This year's trip to Florida was perfect. After a rainy week last year, it was so nice to be welcomed by blue skies and beach weather!

Past recaps found here:

The condo my mom originally rented was flooded thanks to work being done in the unit above hers....so they had to move her to a new complex. But with this new view, we were not complaining one bit!

This was my view for the first full day I was there. It was one of the best beach days I've experienced so far in St. Augustine. And man was I relaxed by the end of the day! (and a little burnt unfortunately)

Day 2 was cloudy but I didn't even care. The beach was basically empty since it was a weekday and it was still plenty warm.

Bruno loves the beach! But stole my towel...diva.

Our morning routine: Coffee, fruit smoothies, and reading on the porch in our PJs

And our (bi)nightly routine: Frozen yogurt at Coco Mango....

I did a horrible job at taking photos on this trip. It was just too easy to kick back and relax! Or go shopping....that's what rainy days on vacation are for, right? You know who made out best? Baby C of course. Nona decided it was time she picked out a few outfits for the little love.

Well Mom has secured her spot on the beach for next year thankfully. So who knows, maybe it will be Baby C's first trip! :)

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