Tuesday, April 17, 2012

St. Augustine, FL - Round 2

For Easter this year, I had the opportunity to visit my mom in St. Augustine, FL. She is down there for the month in what she is referring to as her very own boot camp. Yes, she's crazy. Swimming, yoga, yogilates, walking, and spinning are all on her list of activities.

While I was only there for 3 days this year, we made sure to make the best of it. Friday night we headed into town for the monthly Art walk. We walked by Flagler College, which I've been so curious to see. It used to be a fancy hotel.

 Amazing lighting in the Casa Monica Hotel

 St. George Street

The weather wasn't great my first day there but by Saturday afternoon it was time to bask in some sunshine.
 View at the pool. I had it all to myself for the most part. :)

View from my mom's condo

Bruno cooling off after an afternoon walk

 Easter brunch was held in the condo. Everyone brought something. My mom was in charge of a frittata. Doesn't this look perfect?!

Easter cocktails on the deck. 

This photo just cracks me up - trying to teach someone else how to use my camera...hahah

 But this one came out great!

I left Brunch early to enjoy this view and let the adults continue to chit chat (let's just say I was the only one under 50 this year....)

All in all, it was a great weekend. Spent some quality time with my mom and her good friends, got in a nice long run, visited the local Farmers Market, and sun-bathed by the pool and on the beach. Crossing my fingers St. Augustine is on the agenda next year too! (hint, hint)

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