Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Guest Bathroom Update

This post is incredibly overdue. And please excuse the quality of some of these photos - taking pictures towards a sunny window is not my expertise, especially whilst using an iPhone. 


Step 1: Gut It! 
Bye bye blue tiles, laminate floor, old stained vanity and tub
Sturdy tupperware bins have been a huge help in this demo - bringing loads of debris out without getting too heavy or breaking. Highly suggest this.

Step 2: Remove the Cast Iron Tub
We thought my dad was kidding when he said the best way to remove cast iron tubs was with a sledgehammer...he was not. One google search confirmed his advice. And all that dust/lint? Blown installation that made its way under/around the tub - absolute mess.

Step 3: Bring in the plumber and electrician for rough fittings
And install the tub and shower!

Step 4: Install Drywall
We decided to hire a family friend for this step. J helped with fitting the drywall but we left it up to the pro to tape and mud. Starting to look like a bathroom again!

Step 5: Remove old Subfloor
According to J, this was by far the worst part. Lots of nails and the wood just kept splitting into a million pieces...

Step 6: Sand the Drywall
I was so excited to get this primed and painted that I volunteered to help J with the sanding. Plus, I felt bad at how long removing the subfloor took. This is the worst job ever!! I ended up quitting once the walls I could reach were good and let J tackle above the shower and the ceiling. Covered in dust.
Safety first!

Step 7: Prime and Paint
J handled the priming and ceiling paint. I hated every minute of painting the ceiling in the master bathroom and decided I didn't want my body to feel that kind of stress right now. Thanks J! :) My mother-in-law helped us paint so we had this done in record time. Color of choice - Classic Gray. Due to convenience, I had this color matched to Behr No VOC paint at Home Depot - they were great! And because we weren't super picky about the color, I can't tell you if the color match is exact or not, but its the right shade and tone we were going for here. Light and neutral!

So what's left to do?
  • Install new subfloor
  • Install Ditra over sublfoor
  • Tile!
  • Bring plumber back in to install vanity, shower fixtures, and toilet
  • Bring electrician in to install lighting, finish installing overhead vent
  • Install baseboards
  • Decorate!

I feel like we are getting so close! Once the tiling is done we'll be in the homestretch. Cross your fingers, pray for me, do a little lucky dance - if all goes well, the tiling will be done this weekend. Eek! I cannot wait to see this beauty installed. 

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