Friday, January 24, 2014

Fun Fact Friday - 01.24.14

It's hard to believe that an entire week has gone by. It was all one big blur over here...pretty pumped we're nearing the end of January though! The closer we get to Spring, the better. Right?

1. The snow. We woke up Wednesday morning to a foot and a half of fresh snow. And seeing as the city and anywhere north or west of the city only got a dusting, it was not a work from home type of day. So we got out there early, shoveled what we could, and then headed on out to work. If only the mountains got this snow, it was so powdery! Oh and J and I had a little debut on the local news cleaning my car off at the bus lot I left it at the night before (right around 1:25 mark, here).

 Google+ added a snow filter to this...nice touch Google, nice touch.

2. Our master bathroom was featured! Shortly after I posted about our bathroom renovation, Laurel reached out to me about a feature. While this particular granite company is not exactly close to Boston, I was honored that she wanted to showcase our use of granite. We're still so happy with it!

3. Do yourself a favor and make Ree's chili. The last snow storm we got, J and I anticipated losing power so I prepped a big batch of chili knowing we'd be able to heat up on the stovetop if needed. My only addition to her recipe, one jalepeno. Next time though, I think we'll be adding more - bring the heat! I'm drooling thinking about the serving I put in our freezer for a future quick meal.

4. Baby brain. I realize not everyone is interested in all things baby related but well, my mind can't help but be very preoccupied with it. Here's what I've been reading and thinking these days -

  • I'm 90% sure we will not be finding out the sex of our baby beforehand. While we heard reasons why we should, the reasons to wait just seemed to agree with us more. The anticipation of that moment is so exciting!
  • Plus, Michelle found out at 33 weeks preggo that the techs had the sex of her baby wrong! What the what?! 
  • I LOVE reading bloggers lists of baby must-haves and hearing from friends on this. But yesterday, it was sort of refreshing to read Bri's take on what she wishes she hadn't registered for. This one's toughs since it truly depends on your baby, but I've heard this about the Bumbo more than once...hmm...moms out there- thoughts??
  • Another item I've read more than once not to register....clothes. People are going to buy them anyways. Interesting theory really, and probably very true. But seeing as we won't know what we're having, I'm guessing there won't be too many clothing items on our registry.
  • Walking into what has been just the spare bedroom for the last 6 months, empty of any furniture, and imagining it as a nursery was surreal. I can't wait until we start crib shopping!

5. When we moved, I subscribed to too many home decor magazines...I couldn't help myself. And at $5 subscriptions, you would too. But the unread magazines have been piling up lately between being just too busy and  a little burned out, overwhelmed by house projects before the holidays. Well, I finally took a peek at the recent issue of HGTV...and the home decor craving is back! I want to paint something. While at Target the other night I scoured the end caps in the home section for decor deals. If you've never noticed that before, here's your heads up. The clearance items are on the end caps. And usually, I find the really good stuff on the more "hidden" end caps, not the ones you walk by unintentionally. Besides Target deals, that guest bathroom makeover is on my mind daily...

6. Lastly, we're creating a monster over here...And I can't even bring myself to tell him no. His world is going to turn upside down in 6 months.

How can you say no to this face?!

Have a fantastic weekend!

What are you up to this weekend?
 I'll be working Saturday per usual these days but am hoping to head to the gym first. Sunday is all about finally spending some QT with J. There's no football on TV! My husbands back!

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  1. I love that you are adding baby stuff to your blog :) Registering for a baby is so fun and so hard and prob 75% of people will not ever look at it. I used mine as a way to keep track of things I wanted for the baby (and then you can buy for yourself with the discount). Def do not bother to register for clothes - everyone will buy them for you - probably in tiny sizes. We literally had 40, 0-3 month size outfits that Vivie outgrew in 1 month. Newborns need very little, so don't stress - you can pick up stuff along the way. Have fun!!

  2. Your yard looks so pretty with the snow! Congrats on the feature and thanks for the recipe recommendation :)


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