Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Beauty Routine: Skin

My daily skin routine had been the same for years. I found what worked and just stuck with it. It was easy. But thank you pregnancy hormones for causing my skin to start breaking out like a teenager. It was bad.

Ok, it really wasn't that bad but it freaked me out. And made me feel ridiculously uncomfortable. So things have changed over here and thank god it's working! 


Each day starts with exfoliating my face in the shower and then lathering on some  Olay moisturizer (with sunscreen!). Now that I'm also fearing stretch marks, I've added in using a skin oil. This one linked above smells like dessert and was recommended by another blogger who swears its the reason she didn't get stretch marks. Um, sold!

And thanks to this lovely, freakin cold winter I've even taken up using this oil on my face every so often too. A few months ago, my sister gave me a sample bottle of face oil from Beauty Counter and I loved it. After cleansing my skin I'd smooth on the oil, followed by moisturizer. And no, it didn't make my skin oily at all. It worked wonders! But the Beauty Counter oil is pricey. And since I'd already purchased the toning oil above, I figured why not use it on my face? It's all natural and coconut oil is great for your skin.


To be honest, I just recently started using Cetaphil when my face began breaking out. I know it's a fan favorite but I didn't love the whole no lathering/lack of soapiness it has. How the heck is this cleaning my face?! But I decided to give it a whirl in the hopes that it's sensitive formula would be just what I needed. That paired with the best face tool ever, the Clarasonic Mia, and the newest addition to my skin routine, toner - and things are looking much better! Phew.

When my skin first started having issues this past fall, I immediately googled how to curb this while pregnant and using toner seemed to be the best solution. Heck, I'd definitely give that a try. So I jump in the car and head straight to the store. Being newly pregnant I thought maybe I shouldn't use anything too harsh. The Simple brand seemed to be my best bet. Either that, or I thought I was going to pee my pants so I grabbed the "greenest" looking toner and ran. Can't remember... But I am happy with my purchase! I told a good friend who is an esthetician that I started using toner and she agreed whole heartedly. According to her, toner balances out the pH in your skin. And like I said, it seems to be working wonders over here.

Night cream. I am a huge proponent of night cream for really no reason at all other than doing my best to hinder aging. J was kind enough to include the Olay regenerist line night cream in my stocking and I am in love. It's soo silky smooth to put on. I'm probably looking younger everyday now. Ha.

Do you have any skin products you can't live without?
I've been using Olay (so weird not calling it Oil of Olay...) moisturizers for years. I got this from my mom, and seeing as she has beautiful skin, Olay it is for me too!


  1. Tracey, I remember in the 6th grade you were already moisturizing! (maybe not that early, but almost!) haha Thanks for a great post which totally inspires me to step up (or create!) my skin care regimen.

    1. You're probably right! I can't help myself ha. But thankfully my skin seems to enjoy it too.

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  3. I echo Caitlin's comment... but I'm sure your skin is thanking you for starting early.

    One tip I got from a women who had amazing skin was to exfoliate at night and just use a gentle wash in the morning. Your skin is dirtiest at the end of the day, and shouldn't really get dirty while you sleep.


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