Friday, January 17, 2014

Fun Fact Friday - Baby C!

I think this Friday calls for the first Baby C Q&A!

First off, we couldn't be more excited! I've certainly cherished the time J and I have had together just us two, but we're counting down the days until our little one makes his/her arrival.

Due Date: Currently July 23rd

First symptoms: Sore chest, burping (yes, TMI? sorry but seriously weird yet common symptom)

How far along are you? We just finished the first trimester over here (thank god).

Food Aversions? Oh yes. My diet changed dramatically in the first trimester. Mostly due to nausea....but goodbye veggies and chicken.

Food cravings? Hello bagels with cream cheese (daily), box mac n cheese, red meat....milk and cereal, baked potatoes, yogurt, and ice cream have also been making more regular appearances than they did pre-pregnancy. But as the second trimester begins, I'm finding myself actually craving salad. Never thought I'd see the day, but thankful veggies are back in my life.

What do you miss eating? J and I talked about creating a list of things to do before I got pregnant, I was thinking trips, etc. J was more realistic listing out a sushi date, visiting a raw bar, etc. To which I responded, we have all the time in the world, think bigger! Sad to say, he was totally right. And by the grace of God, I got pregnant much quicker than we ever anticipated. So now I'm dying for sushi. And watching friends enjoy freshly shucked oysters in December was killer. I used to eat a sandwich everyday for lunch, totally missing good deli meat/subs! And lastly, probably the biggest would be red wine. Oh how I miss you.

  Don't be fooled by the little bump at 8 weeks, another first trimester symptom - serious bloating

Symptoms/ How I've been feeling: The first 7 weeks were great, no major symptoms at all. And then nausea struck. The minute I became hungry, I also because very nauseous so keeping snacks with me was important. As someone who can get car sick anyways, pregnancy totally magnified that! So commuting to/from work was a struggle at times. And waking up early during the week didn't help. I kept reminding myself though, it could have been much worse - I got through the day, fatigue wasn't terrible, and I didn't end up getting physically sick that often. By week 12 things died down. Knock on wood they stay that way.

I also experienced bleeding around week 7, which was scary to say the least! It happens and everything can be just fine, as it was in my case, but it lasted a week and I was put on a strict no exercise plan which was tough. Nothing like someone telling you not to move (while you're eating bagels and pasta daily) to make you really want to get in a workout!

My biggest symptom now is headaches. But again, it could be worse so no complaining here. We'll get through it.

How did family/friends react? This was so much fun! Our parents were the first to know of course. And they were totally shocked. Shocked! Then the siblings found out next and were all so excited. They were also completely shocked. I'm not sure I've mentioned this on the blog but my sister-in-law Meg is also pregnant and due in May. I'm really excited to go through this with someone so close - we will certainly help each other's sanity during the trying times!

Extended family found out next during the holidays. And without a doubt my mom's side of the family, a group of loud Italian women, takes the cake for best reaction. It was so fun to tell everyone at once.

Lastly, we did our best to tell as many good friends as possible before spilling the beans more publicly. We are SO fortunate to have the best family and friends who are just so excited with us. There were a few more tears, hugs, and many cheers (with water for me obv). J has certainly enjoyed having himself a driver these days.

Friends seemed to know it was coming much better than family. Apparently we did a very good job at fooling our families into thinking we were still waiting - my line for the past 6 months or so of being asked has always been, I'm too young. :) But when we realized we only have 1 wedding next summer, the opportunity to start our family became very real.

Will you find out what you're having? I've seriously gone back and forth on this one. I can't say that I have this need to know feeling. But I kinda/sorta want to know...if you have a convincing reason why I should or shouldn't, let me know! I've heard some great points on this, going both ways.

How's Tucker? Snoozing right besides me, no idea what's going on... I do think he's become a little more attached lately but maybe that's me. I'm so excited to add a little one to our family but I want to make sure Tucker knows just how important he is too so he's been getting lots of love. And I'm doing my best not to call him baby anymore. As the older sibling, he's the big boy now. We will certainly be instilling some of the great tips we've read on how to introduce dogs to babies.

Have a fantastic weekend!

What are you up to this weekend?
 I'll be working Saturday but have scheduled apps and diet cokes (for me) with girlfriends to make sure I get out of work at a decent time, then we're off to celebrate a friends birthday. So glad I won't be drinking ginger ale in Harpoon cider bottles anymore to hide being preggo! And Sunday..there's only one thing to say, Go Pats! 

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  1. "kinda/sorta want to know" aye???? here are my thoughts (even though you already know): knowing the gender will help you feel more connected to the baby; you can choose a name; easier to plan for the nursery/closet; and last but not least: so aunt jackie can start spoiling the little one with gender specific items :)

    obviously i support whatever decision you guys make - and if you wait i'll just have to make a detour on my way to visit to pick up so cute pink or blue things :)

  2. How did you tell your families and your husband? I think I'd miss deli meat too!


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