Wednesday, December 4, 2013


How many photos do you currently have on your phone? If I had to guess, I'd say too many. Right? Confession: my phone says I have more than 1,500 photos on problems, new homeowner, blogger, lazy name it. There are countless reasons.

When Printic reached out to me about printing some of these photos I totally jumped at the chance. I'm horrible about printing updated photos. Horrible! 

But I have to say, this was so easy. And I can't wait to use this again. Since printic is a phone app I really had no excuse. Printing pictures whilst sitting on the couch? Right up my alley. Yes, $.99/picture is more than you'd pay to print pictures to the local drug store or photo site, but I love how these instagram-ish photos look!

Here are screenshots of the app from my phone:

I love that there is an option to edit and add messages to the photos.

FYI - this is a UK based company. So the first time I tried to pay, Bank of America canceled the transaction and called me to make sure it was me using my card. Can't really be too annoyed about that! But it did take me a second try to get my credit card to work.

Here's a peak at a few pictures I had printed. How awesome is the polaroid finish?

Disclaimer: Printic provided me with a promo code for free prints. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions expressed are my own. And as you can see above, I printed more pictures than my promo code was so convenient!

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