Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

Before I got all lazy and hung out in sweatpants Sunday and Monday, I mustered up the energy late Friday afternoon to pick out the perfect Christmas tree and spent the day Saturday decorating it.

J was busy brewing beer in our kitchen on Saturday so decorating the tree was all mine. Part of me wishes we did it together because isn't that what you're supposed to do? Isn't that a cutesy couple thing? I saved a few ornaments for J to hang on the tree later that day but was informed that decorating the tree isn't his thing. Hmm. Ok. Well having total control of where each light, garland, and ornament goes is totally my thing so I'd say that's a win-win over here!

We've agreed that down the line me and the kiddos will decorate the tree while J provides snacks, beverages, and holiday music. Pretty solid deal if you ask me. Especially since we're talking years before I have to give up control of the tree. 

So anyways, what's your method to tree decorating? Mine always goes like this:

1. Lights. We've been using white lights since we moved in together. But one of these days, I'd love to find the old school, big bulb multi-color lights.

2. Garland. Do you use garland? Or ribbon? My mom and Nona both use ribbon. I found this garland at Target our first Christmas together and still love it. Its so simple.

3. Ornaments. Do you go with a theme? We don't normally. Although this year I found these red snowflakes for $2 at Walmart and loved them! So I skipped many of our filler ball ornaments this year and used the snowflakes instead.

4. Topper. Well, this year that went on first for some reason. But typically, it's last. And we're pretty un-traditional here using a bow. My Nona has always used a bow and since I'm a little creeped out by the fake angels (total personal thing here, no intentions of offending anyone), a bow works perfectly for us.

I had picked up a couple matching, sparkly bows our first Christmas together and would use one on the tree and one on a plain wreath. This year, we totally fell in love with the buffalo check bow near the cash register so we snagged one. Which ended up working out perfectly because in the new home, 2 outdoor wreaths are needed. And tip - buy the plain wreaths and decorate them yourselves! So much cheaper. So the 2 sparkly bows are hanging outside this year. 

Here's a recap of last year's tree and decorations. This year's decorations to come! I'm still hunting down the perfect red wreath for our mantel....any suggestions on where to look?? Michaels and Walmart were no help.

Happy Wednesday!

If you celebrate Christmas, do you have any tree decorating traditions?
According to Talkative*TLC's fb page, many of you are team Angel topper!

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  1. Ahhh I keep thinking I should just get a tree after seeing everyone's photos. I bet Joe would also be anti-tree decorating. Same mindset I think!


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