Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun Fact Friday 08.02.13

I am always happy to see Friday roll around, aren't you? Work weeks tend to feel both very long and short at the same time lately. If that makes any sense. 

Today's fact Friday is coming to you in the form of videos! Since I finally figured out what was wrong with my computer, here are 5 recent videos I shot (sorry about the shaky hand...yikes!)

1. Here is the video I mentioned during my herb post. So crazy.

2 & 3. Oh Beyonce. You are amazing. I couldn't resist taping this performance...

4 & 5. Equally as amazing, Imagine Dragons. Amazing and talented in a totally different way than Mrs. Carter but just as great a show.

Quick picture before the next video. Insane!

Not too much to report from this week thanks to a busy work week. But so many fun things coming up to fill you in on! My college roomie is joining the wives club with me tomorrow, we'll be celebrating J's birthday, and if you haven't already done so, go say Happy Birthday to Amelia!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. OH Beyonce puts on the best shows!!! Love the videos. I saw you on the link up :)


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