Friday, April 12, 2013

Fun Fact Friday

So cliche, but I have to say....thank goodness it's Friday!

1. It's been a whirlwind week for me. Work has been crazy busy. Like nonstop until I just have to get up and leave already. Pro? Absolutely no time for snacking. None. Which is great because I definitely snack for no reason at times. But my company is officially sold and in a much better place now. We celebrated with Champagne in the office Tuesday and everyone is getting a Patagonia jacket with the new company name. Sweet!

2. other big news, we did it. We decided to put our condo on the market. We kept thinking we'd hold onto it and go for rental income but the market is insane right now. So we've decided to cash out now and make the profit that would take us quite a few years to make. Cross your fingers it sells at this weekends open house! Monday's home decor post just may include a tour of our place finally. Here's my favorite pic from the listing though...can you see why??

3. If you're looking for a good spring cleaning list - here ya go

4. 1 more week until Florida. I really really need that sunshine and heat. It's still 50 here in Boston. And rain all day today. Unbelievable. (2012 and 2011 recaps).

5. If you don't read Pure Style Home, you are really missing out. Lauren is so incredibly talented. Check out her latest client before and after. I absolutely love her style. As much as bright color and chevron and gray is in right now, every time I see one of her rooms I am sooo drawn to it! Her neutral, natural palate is so soothing and clean to me. I may have to attempt it in our next home.

This just might be the shortest Fun Fact Friday I've done to date! Lot's on the mind these days. And hopefully more big news to share next week (no I'm not pregnant).

Have a great weekend! Any plans? 

We'll be heading south to J's parents for the weekend. Professional cleaners here Saturday and open house Sunday! Gotta keep Tucker out of the condo....though he just might be able to sell it (see above)!

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