Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun Fact Friday

Let's see, what's been going on this week....

Here's a play by play of last Sunday - the best day ever.
  1. 9 am: Wake up to a voicemail from our realtor to call her as soon as I heard this. 
  2. 9 am: Call our realtor and find out that our offer has been accepted on our dream home in the suburbs.
  3. 9 am: Told that they are still hosting the open house on said home and J and I had 48 hours to commit (aka sell our condo) if they received another offer.
  4. 10 am: We're ballsy so we sign the offer and cross our fingers.
  5. 1 pm - host open house at our condo
  6. 2:30 pm - Get message from our realtor that the open house was pure madness, he had to have people wait in line, ran out of listing brochures, and ran out of room on the sign-in sheet.
  7. 6 pm - get an offer on our condo! Over asking!!
We didn't end up signing the offer until Monday night which was tough. I wanted to be so excited, and I was so excited, but I also felt so guilty feeling happy after the horror of Monday afternoon. Strange story but through 6 degrees of separation, I know who is buying our place. And I found out that they happened to be not too far from the bombs at the marathon. So for them, it was the best news to receive Monday night. I was really happy about that.

Other fun facts for Friday...

1. Yes, we may be moving to the suburbs! I've hinted at this but haven't really told many people yet. Our inspection is this afternoon so as long as everything goes well, I'll be sharing more details next week! The house needs a fair amount of work which we are SO excited about, but hoping to find out that's it. Hoping there's nothing hiding from our inexperienced eye that the inspectors going to break our hearts with. 

2. Our realtors are awesome. They put this beauty in our place before the open house and it's our gift to keep! Orchids may be the only flower I am able to keep alive. This one is a beast!

3. Leaving for Florida in the morning!!! Of course the weather looks bad all weekend.... At least it'll be warm, right? Kinda?

Well at least my nails will look great thanks to these fun colors!

4. I know you're wondering, but don't worry, Tucker's hanging out in the city while we're gone. Some great friends have volunteered to stay at our condo with Tucker until we are back. I swear Tucker has more friends than we do! Everyone loves him. (Thank you M & G!)

5. It's this lovely ladies birthday tomorrow. So make sure you wish her a Happy Birthday!!

6.  A great friend has awarded my a Liebster award. I'm not going to pass it along this time but I thought it would be fun to answer her questions!

  1. If you could do one other profession besides your own, what would it be? Where I am right now in my life, I would love to be in real estate. I love numbers. And I love calculating out mortgage amortization schedules to figure out how much we can afford. I know, total nerd!
  2. What is your favorite vacation spot thus far? Maui. I have never, ever, ever felt so relaxed. J was pretty close at talking me into living there.
  3. Pepsi or coke? Diet Pepsi
  4. Angelina or Jen? Jen!
  5. What was the last movie you saw in the theatre and was it good? Hmm...I'm not a huge fan of movies...they're just soo long. I think the last movie I saw was Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It was good, but the book was definitely better. Oh and J hadn't read the book and had no idea what was coming....whoops!
  6. Favorite song on the radio right now? Rihanna - Stay
  7. Ideal song to dance to at a wedding? Does my wedding song count? Ray LaMontagne - You are the Best Thing
  8. What show did you watch religiously growing up? 7th Heaven
  9. Favorite subject in high school? Math....just not geometry. Give me calculus problems all day. 
  10. What is your biggest pet-peeve? This may sound weird, but I try not to let a lot of things I can't control get to me so I don't really have a pet-peeve. Insincerity probably. 
  11. If there was one food you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? Fresh bread. 
That was fun! Thank you Amelia!!

I hope you all have a great weekend! And don't miss me too much while I'm gone. J & I so need this relaxing vacation.

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  1. Good luck with your new move, How exciting!!
    ps Love the nail polish colors!
    Stop by some time

    1. Thank you Tori! We are really excited for our move. The burbs aren't for everyone but I think I can say I'm a country/suburb girl at heart ha. And oh man, I can't get enough fun nail polish lately! Just put on Essie Play Date (purple) - it's a new fav for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  2. Love the post! Thanks for answering my questions. :)


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