Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Wedding: Party Pics

One of my greatest memories of our wedding revolves around the dance floor. It was packed!

Before the party pics I wanted to share this. These two lovebirds were laughing at each others jokes before they even knew each other! Crazy, right?!

On to our wedding party!

Our junior bridesmaids and flower girls. Beautiful girls!

 I have never seen my mom laugh like this! 

 We were all shocked when my dad got in the middle of the dance circle. So much fun!

My in-laws are such great dancers! 


What a great memory this is. You can see my Nona in shock in the background. My dad was never a big dancer until then.

These guys are killin it! My father-in-law didn't stop dancing the entire night. I just love that man.

 Even the guys were singing! :)

How amazing is this picture?!! 

Like I said, we had a GREAT party! Can we do it again? :)

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