Friday, October 5, 2012

Photo Dump!

It has been quite a week over here. I am really ready for the weekend. And I am really ready for my new iphone! Yes, I am FINALLY joining the rest of civilization with an iphone. The iphone 5 is being delivered to me at work today.

And before I get too excited, switch over to my new phone, and loose everything on my old one - I spent last night saving all 300+ pictures from my phone. Oops. :)

Here are a few memories from the past 2 years -

 Baby Tucker (16 weeks)

The first bed we had for Tuck was given to us by J's parents who have a 20 lb dog. Tuck fit into it perfectly at first....but quickly outgrew it. He LOVED it though

 Ready for his first Winter in New England! He's about 8 months old here. And this is what his first winter looked like....ugh so much snow.

Celebrating my 25th birthday at Foxwoods

Occupy Boston interrupting my work day

Painting our bedroom Moonshine by Benjamin Moore, November 2011

Last day in public accounting, December 2011

Somebody found their wedding dress!! This was such a fun day. :)

I have the BEST parents and in-laws ever. Hands down. My children have some great genes coming their way thanks to these two lovely ladies.

Derby outfit for Meg's shower!

"What? Am I not allowed up here?" Spoiled boy!

J&A Bridal shower

Golf date with the ladies

This past weekend we saw Two Door Cinema Club at the House of Blues in Boston. And it was awesome. They put on a GREAT show.

I love looking through old pictures. They usually bring back some great memories.

Have a great weekend!

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