Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cleaning Up

In case you hadn't noticed, October went by a little too quickly. Seriously, I'm pretty sure we got back from Morocco like 2 weeks ago, no?

And somehow with the time flying, I also ended up taking 4 weeks off from any form of physical activity. I can't believe it. I know we've been busy but I really can't use that as an excuse. Working out just didn't happen.

I started contemplating an online bootcamp since reading a review of Fitmixer Bootcamp here. The last session was sold out so I joined the waiting list to hear about the next one. That e-mail came through 2 weeks ago. Phew!

And then, something else Yep, I've been following Julie's blog for a while and had read about her experience with the first 2 rounds of Best Body Bootcamp. I was definitely interested. Instead of trying my luck in her giveaway I went straight to the source. I decided that between the price difference and the fact that I really wasn't ready to give up meals for protein shakes, I would give Best Body Bootcamp a try first.

So that's it. It's time to clean my act up and get back to the gym. This week is the first week of bootcamp and I'm loving it. Well, I'm kind of hating it because 4 weeks of no strength training is kicking my a$$ right now. But I'm really excited to see where I end up in 8 weeks. Total beach babe for sure. :)

The workouts include supersets, interval workouts, steady cardio workouts, and plank intervals so far. This is my first time doing both supersets and intervals. The supersets are tough! Like I'm panting, sweating, heart racing kind of tough. But I am so determined to get strong. And J has been joining me for runs on the steady cardio days so I really can't complain.

Lastly, something that tends to go hand in hand for us is eating healthier when we're working out. Why ruin all your hard work?!

So thank you Julie & Tina for getting this girl back at it! I sure did need the motivation, and am so excited to see what the next 7 weeks bring!

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