Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ludlow, VT

This past October, J & I decided to head north for a weekend of fresh air, hiking, and just spending some quality time together. At the time, I was still working in public accounting, and had just came off a particularly trying busy season. We needed a weekend away to unwind.

Finding a great deal at the Castle Hill Resort for our anniversary couldn't have come at a better time. We headed north Friday, hit the LLBean Outlet for flannel shirts, and made our way into Vermont.

Because of Hurricane Irene in August, there were many roads still closed and bridges inaccessible. After a few detours, we checked in to the hotel and then jetted off to the Longtrail Brewery to begin our weekend away. If there is a winery or brewery close to where we'll be staying, you can put $$ on us checking it out. :)

Saturday was all about hiking. On our drive up, I asked J what he packed for hiking, in which he replied jeans. No way jose. I'm talking real hiking, not a casual stroll. So thankfully there was a sporting goods store in the same plaza as LL Bean where we picked him out some appropriate attire.

4+ hours later, we finished our hike and were FREEZING. We headed back to the hotel to warm up with Irish coffees and relax before our dinner reservations.

Craziest thing about dinner....the china that my escargot was served on is the EXACT same china J & I had registered for at our wedding! 'Twas fate I suppose.

Here are a few photos of the hurricane destruction we saw - 

I came back from Vermont more refreshed than any other vacation we've ever gone on. I'm hoping to make a trip like this an annual thing if possible. It was so nice to see the changing leaves, breathe in some clean, fresh air, and get a little exercise outdoors together.

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