Tuesday, April 3, 2012

San Francisco

During the 4+ years my sister lived in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to visit her more than a handful of times. And seeing as Jackie decided to move to 3 different neighborhoods in 4 years, I definitely feel like I was able to see much of the city. Every trip was a little different and I loved everything I was able to experience (well, except for the occasional foggy weather that worked wonders on my hair...).

Some of the places I was able to visit include:

- Alcatraz  - Yosemite  - Tahoe  - Napa  - Sonoma  - Muir Woods  - Salsalito  - Big Basin  - Red Sox v. Oakland A's series in Oakland   - Stanford University - And too many areas within SF to name
(Jackie, did I miss anything??)

Here's a recap of the trip J & I took in June 2010.

J's first view of the Golden Gate Bridge

 A trip to Muir Woods to see the Red Woods


A view of SF from across the GG Bridge

View from Twin Peaks

Lola enjoying the park!
This photo kills me. Haha, poor Adrian.

 A trip to the martini bar, Martuni's (a must every trip)

 Dim Sum in Chinatown

Drinks at the Rogue Brewery

Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39

Biking to Sausalito

Seven Sisters - Jackie & Adrian lived right near Alamo Square & these Painted Ladies (yes, the Full House houses)

My favorite restaurant in SF is definitely Burma Superstar. It is the only place I've ever gone for Burmese cuisine and let me tell you, it's phenomenal. And if you're looking for a quick, cheap bite to eat, Nick's Crispy Tacos is another fan favorite over here.

And Martuni's is so much fun for martinis, especially if you're in the mood for a piano bar. And who isn't?!

San Francisco certainly has its share of varied weather, but it's not as extreme as the Northeast can have. However, it is not sunny San Diego. That was definitely a harsh reality for me at first, especially visiting in November and May when the weather has already cooled off, or has not warmed up yet. But my trips to SF in June (above) and October were warm, blue skies everyday. I'm glad I had the opportunity to visit the city so often and truly experience what it had to offer.

Planning a trip to San Francisco? I'd be more than happy to recommend a few places, or pass the questions along to my sis! 

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