Thursday, August 14, 2014

We're Alive and Well

Oh, hi! Excuse the month long blog absence.....that went by fast! And if you happen to follow me on instagram, you know that a lot has happened in the last month. The biggest, most awesome item being that we had a baby girl!! And she is the most amazing little thing ever.

Sneak peek. :)

And also, our kitchen has been put back together and is looking great. We love the upgraded design choices we made (and it was sooo nice having someone else do all the work for us for once). There were a few weeks of just going with the flow over here as the demo started, baby girl came earlier than expected while we were living in half of our house, and then we were off to my parents house for about 5 days with a 1 week old as the tile work was completed. Needless to say, we're finally settling into life as new parents in our own home.

And I'm hoping to take advantage of some of little miss's naptimes to get back to blogging. First up, the guest bathroom reveal. I'm resizing the photos as we speak so stay tuned, the post will be up shortly. :)


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