Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wedding Season - C&B Tie the Knot!

I'm a few months late on this recap but since I love looking back on these posts, I'm sharing it anyways. This wedding was unbelievable. So many gorgeous details! 

I blogged about Corey's shower here but missed her bachelorette party as it was hosted in Miami and I was nearly 8 months pregnant. I thought it best I sit that one out.

So I just couldn't wait for the wedding. It was my only wedding this year, and as it was for one of my close girlfriends, I knew it was going to be a blast. It was also going to be somewhat of a mini college reunion seeing as the bride and groom were college sweethearts. Like I said, I couldn't wait! 

The Ceremony

The wedding was held at The Glen Island Harbor Club. Check out that view above! The weather was gorgeous, but hot if I remember correctly. So being inside but surrounded by windows was perfect. But what was even better was the love you could feel in that room. It was a beautiful ceremony.

And something happened during C&B's ceremony that I had never experienced before but just loved. The minister (possibly JoP, I can't remember) asked the maid of honor and best man to put their hands over C&B's. And called attention to the fact that they stand up there to support C&B not only today, but throughout their marriage. It was so sweet! And so true. We choose our maid of honor and best man for a reason, they are very important people in our lives who we turn to for guidance at times.

The Reception

Cocktail hour was held on the patio of the venue. Again, look at these views! This venue was so gorgeous. And the amount of food available during cocktail hour was insane! I did my best not to fill up before dinner. :)

There were fresh flowers everywhere. And omg were they gorgeous! 

Mr. & Mrs.!

College roommates. We did a great job color coordinating. ;)

I love how Jackie & Corey have become great friends down in Charlotte!


We tried really hard to get a Bentley picture but there were so many of us that it was way too hard to coordinate. It was certainly fun though!

Soo many amazing, and hilarious!, memories with this group over 4 years of college. 

Woah baby belly! :)

After snapping these last few pics we headed out to grab the shuttle back to the hotel. Well, let me tell you - something incredible happened. We walked downstairs to find fresh hot pretzel and italian ice! Omg, the lemon italian ice was amazing. Such a treat!

I was a little nervous about being the only completely sober one at a wedding. I know that sounds ridiculous. But it's true. And I have to say, I had soo much fun! I also impressed many by staying up til the wee hours of the morning. In my eyes, there were very few nights left out with friends for a while. Gotta make the most of them!

Congratulations Corey & Brandon!  

You threw one hell of a party! And we couldn't be happier for you two. 

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