Friday, August 15, 2014

Guest Bathroom Reveal

I can't believe how far this bathroom has come! There are still some small updates that need to be finished but I didn't want to delay the photos any longer. Here's what we started with:

We'll let the pictures do the talking. Source list below.

Wall color - Benjamin Moore Classic Gray
Tile -  The Tile Shop
Rug - Target
Vanity - Lowes
Vanity Top - Lowes
Vanity Lights - Home Depot
Mirror - Home Goods
Faucets - Home Depot
Shower, Tub, Curved shower rod - Lowes (1, 2, 3)
Shower Curtain - Home Goods
Toilet - Lowes
Frames - Target
Window blinds - Home Depot

This bathroom has come so far. And we absolutely love it. I mean the cracked aqua tiles, laminate flooring, and stained tub were all well and good but I think this is a bit of an improvement. :) We have a few items to clean up like adding pictures to the frames, painting the window frame, door frame, and door as well as purchasing new door knobs (for all of the upstairs doors) but like I said, nothing worth delaying these photos any longer. We've had this room finished since June...

What do you think??

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