Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Surprise! Let's Start a Kitchen Reno...

A few Fridays ago we finished up our deck renovation project thanks to the assistance of our AMAZING families, J was on cloud nine. The deck has been haunting him since last summer and we knew it needed to be fixed. But at nearly 1,000 sq ft, it's huge and we knew it would be a demanding task.

We went to bed Friday night feeling so great that the last BIG check off our renovation to-do list was completed and we'd be enjoying it all summer long. Fast forward to Saturday morning when we woke up early with time to go out to breakfast before our all day childbirth prep class.... 

Me: "J, what is that noise? Did you leave the pool filter on last night?" (Proceed to open the window and realize that no, it's not the pool filter.)
J: Runs downstairs thinking the heating pipe he patched in the downstairs half bath was leaking again. (Ya, never got around to sharing that story...but the ceiling was torn out of the half bath on our first floor after a few leaks from the upstairs guest bath)
J: "OH MY GOD. Efffff. #$%!!@#$!!"
Me: "Oh no." Run downstairs and see it literally raining in our kitchen. Every recessed light and pendant light pouring out water from the ceiling. Floor soaked, stools soaked, counters soaked, etc.

A view of the ceiling once we had the water shut off

Uh, yeah...didn't see this one coming!

Once we got the water shut off, we assessed the damage. **PS - know where your water shut off valve is. I cannot stress that enough. The pipe leak had nothing to do with our renovations, and everything to do with it just being an old pipe - This could happen to anyone.**

The water went through the kitchen floor and down into our basement too... 

Then we figured out where the leak was located - in a wall between our master bathroom and guest bathroom. And I just about died when I thought we'd need to rip out all of our hardwork in the master bathroom. Not a needed stress right now!

Yes, that tiny hole created a whole lot of damage!

But this is why we pay for home insurance. Our issue was a pipe that simply corroded. Yes, this little pinhole created a whole lot of damage during the overnight hours. Seriously, thank god we were home and caught this as quickly as we did.

So this is what our kitchen looks like today... and I'm 38 weeks pregnant...


What needs to be done?

  • New wiring and lighting for all of the recessed lights in the kitchen
  • New pendant lights
  • New insulation and sheetrock for the kitchen ceiling
  • New tile flooring in the kitchen - which spreads to the front door and over into the half bath
    • We've decided to also have them update the hardwood floors in our dining room to the same tiles since its all one open space and the current threshold between the kitchen tile and dining room floor is very awkward
  • A new stove installed - most of the water came down right over our stove which now makes the most annoying pilot clicking noise, and doesn't stop, until you're done cooking
  • New insulation in the ceiling in the basement

Thankfully, insurance and our contractor have agreed on what needs to be done and everyone is well aware of our impending stork arrival. But we can only speed things up so much - we've been given an estimate of 2-3 weeks worth of work. Wah. Which won't get start until next week. Double wah!

Not exactly sure why it can take so long, the tile work I suppose. But seeing as I can't stand the current tiles in the kitchen and they're now getting replaced, I will make this work!

I'll do my best to post updates/design choices along the way. We've decided to go with faux wood tiles for the new floors and I cannot wait to see how they turn out (especially after reading posts like this).

We've accepted the fact that each design decision we make in this kitchen seems to make the cabinets look more and more orange...so a new backsplash and painted cabinets will be happening at some point....ambitiously hoping it will be later this year. ;)

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