Thursday, June 6, 2013

We've moved!

Guess what, we've moved into our new home! It sure did come down to the wire, but J and I have signed over our lives and purchased a home. We seriously couldn't be happier. It's quiet, it's private, Tucker is loving his yard, and I am loving having a driveway.

And the next best thing, we finally have internet!!! I know we've only been here since Friday but the cell service happens to be horrible in our neck of the woods so it's been a long 5 days with no TV or internet. Thankfully we've had plenty of projects to keep us busy. But with the Bruins in the playoffs, J's pretty happy to finally watch a game.

Like I've said a million times already, I have so much to share! If only I could find my dang camera cord to upload all of the pictures I've taken over the last few days. Only a few more boxes to unpack so I expect to find it soon.

Not only do I have house photos to share, I have a few wedding posts to catch up on too! Think amazing home bridal shower and the most gorgeous bride you ever did see.

I can't follow up a pictureless post with another no photo post, so here are a few sneak peeks I can share from my phone.

Backstory - J and I bought a home that needs some TLC. We absolutely loved the location and the layout of the house so we figured why not. We're young, we have no kids, and this allowed us to get into the town we really wanted to be in at a little bit of a discount.

Did I mention we have a pool?! We are pretty excited about this and made sure to get it up an running first thing Saturday. Lots of clean up necessary. Lots...

Thank god for power washers. Who knew the edge of the pool was white?

Also thankful for carpet cleaners. My mom decided to invest in one years ago and it is awesome. Look at that dirty water....and this was round two. Yuck. Worth every penny.

 And our most exciting project so far has been getting floors installed upstairs. All three bedrooms looked like this. And as you can see, the hardwood floors we ordered have been delivered!

We were able to get the master bedroom ceiling and walls painted before the floors went down. This picture isn't the greatest but the color is Alpaca by Sherwin Williams. It is really going to look great once the floors are finished as well as the window trim and baseboards. Like I said, plenty to keep us busy!

Next up is replacing the old, splintered deck and updating the bathrooms. Wait until you see our current full bathroom. It sure is a gem, straight from the 1950's. 

I have a feeling my blog is going to include quite a few more house and home related posts over the next few months but I will certainly be fitting in the 7 weddings we're attending too. Hopefully you don't mind following along as J and I set up our first home. There are lots of decisions to be made! And I hope you can help me make the right decisions. Example-  thank you Jenn for telling us to go for FIOS - it is soo fast! :)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. so excited to see more pictures and watch you transform the home!


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