Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Style Shopping

As I mentioned yesterday, the deliveries have been non-stop over here recently. Mostly items for our new home...but here are the items I've picked up over the past week or so just for myself -

6.18 Summer Purchases

Rue La La got me good. I realized recently that my dress to wedding ratio wasn't cutting it. We have 7 weddings  this year, 7. I've re-worn a couple dresses already, my mom was kind enough to purchase me one for my birthday, and yet that still leaves 4 weddings. I don't always find the dress deals good enough for me on this site, especially since it's $10 for shipping, but their latest dress deals were unreal. The yellow/silver Lilly dress I snagged above was 80% off of the retail price. 80%! You really just can't beat that. And the orange Calvin Klein dress was more than 50% off. 

J.Crew factory recently had a 40% off your entire purchase deal. I've been trying to delete all store sale e-mails as they come in, but once and a while, when it's a % off the entire purchase, I'll browse. I threw in a pair of shorts for J this time too. Totally justifying my purchase right there. :)

Lastly, this cotton striped dress from the Gap is unbelievably comfortable. And flattering! I was sort-of between sizes so I went up. I liked the looser look rather than a little fitted on the rear. Especially since it's cotton. This was worn during our trip to Chicago and received many compliments. I am totally loving stripes lately. Can't get enough. We bought this for J when I picked up the dress and honestly, I love it. First of all, it looks great on him. But's so soft, it's striped, it's hooded... I kinda, sorta want to see if the men's XS would fit me...weird? I hope not. 

Tell me, have you found any great deals lately? I very, very rarely buy something full price. Even home purchases. There is always a sale, coupon, free shipping code, online deal site to be found! Always. (Ok, almost always).

Any interest in a no-shop July with me? Closet remix challenge time!

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  1. I just found your blog, and I love it! And I also love the idea of no shopping july!! I for sure need to do that!! Great idea!

  2. YES! No shopping July - I am in on the challenge! Let's do it!


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