Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Travel: Countdown to Florida

The weather here in Boston has taken a turn back towards winter. I don't get it. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Whyyy is it snowing today?!

I saw this photo on pinterest and thought most of us in the Northeast are definitely feeling this way right about now.

image source unknown

The weather was so nice here a couple of weeks ago, and it just seemed like winter had ended. Not so much though. Boo.

Last week, when I finally made it to the gym one morning, I realized that our trip to Florida is coming up quick! Thank god. Start the lunges, squats, push ups and planks. What I would give to be on a beach right now. But 4 weeks really will fly by so I can't complain. This is how I feel right now -

image source unknown

I'm in need of something calming. And a day at the beach sounds splendid. How about you? What's your ideal way to relax? I keep telling myself to get to a hot yoga class because I know I will feel incredibly relaxed after that. Just need to fit it into my schedule these days.

Anyone know of a yoga studio in Boston you'd recommend? I haven't been in far too long.

I've been following FitFluential on Twitter for quite some time now, and the CEO Kelly Olexa started following me on Instagram (@talkative_tlc) yesterday after my exercise photo! Ah! Guess I should use that as motivation to get moving!

Current countdown to FL: 30 days!

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