Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Flowers

Since Spring has decided not to grace us with its presence just yet, I've decided to bring it to me. What's better than fresh flowers?

Last week, I grabbed two dozen tulips and spread them throughout our condo. I love using the small bud vases we received as a wedding shower gift.

This week, we went with daffodils and ranunculus. We loved the white tulips last week so decided to go with one bunch of white again. And I love the contrast against the deep plum flowers.

Spring has sprung up in here. Now let's just hope we start seeing some buds blooming outside very soon!

What's your favorite flower to bring indoors? I'm not so sure I have a favorite, I like mixing it up. Or letting J choose...hint hint. ;)

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  1. I love having fresh flowers in the home. It's such a pretty thing to have and they always make the home smell better. =) I personally love to have tulips, daisies and hydrangeas in the house!

    1. I totally agree! Their fresh scent and raw beauty is just lovely. It's the small things, right? :)

  2. Thanks Tracy for sharing these awesome pics of fresh flowers . Truly Awesome Spring Flowers.


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