Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun Fact Thursday

Where to begin today.....well, let's start with this - It's my BIRTHDAY!! Whoo.

In anticipation of some birthday celebrations after work tonight, I'm leaving you with a fun fact Thursday.

1. As I mentioned here, it's also Vince Vaughn, Julia Stiles, and Lady Gaga's birthday. And you may not know them but it's also the following old friends birthdays: Caitlin, Christina, Pat. What an amazing birthday to have. Happy Birthday!

2. I don't really feel old this year. Turning 27 means I'm now in my "late" twenties, but my brother-in-law turned 30 this past Tuesday and knowing I have 3 more years til 30 feels good (sorry Dan!). I love the idea of 30 before 30 but where I have SO much time until then, I'm thinking maybe a 101 in 1001 days might be better. #gogetter

3. What color should I get for my birthday manicure tomorrow morning? We're heading to Foxwoods for the night for Dan's birthday celebration so I'm treating myself to some fresh nails. Though the bowling is probably going to ruin my nails....what can ya do!

Here's J & I bowling at Foxwoods for my 25th Birthday.

4. I actually watched both nights of Dancing With the Stars this week which was both weird and totally awesome. I don't know the last time I saw it but I think this season is going to be good. Andy Dick is hilarious! He better not get voted off anytime soon.

5. I'm starting to get real antsy/ready to get my crafting on. I need a project. Even though I don't want to do anything to our condo while looking for a new home, it just might need to happen. Think it will still be rentable or sellable if I add some stripes or chalkboard paint? I need to do SOMETHING! And soon.

6. I may have already opened my gift from J.... here's a sneak peak of the better part of it -
Eeek so excited! And omg surprised. 

7. 26 was a really good year for me. Most of its documented here on this blog so it's fun to look back:
What will 27 bring??

Have a great weekend! Happy Easter!

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