Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun Fact Friday

We've made it to March!! This makes me happy. Oh Spring, you are so close!

1. While you read this, I am making my way over to Saddleback Mountain for a day of skiing on some fresh powder! Cannot.freakin.wait. We may then make our way to Sugarloaf on Saturday.

2. Tucker is probably running through the acres of snow with his BBF Bruno right now too. He will then take 5 naps throughout the day, snore all night long, and be ready for round 2 Saturday. Here's a glimpse at his nap style when someone's there to cuddle. Received these pictures from my sister.

3. We drove up last night, and it is the longest drive to do at night. But so worth it to wake up already here. Nothing like some fresh air and miles of clean white snow to clear the mind.

4. Oh man, if you're on instagram check out the #beabull hashtag. I've found Tucker's long lost siblings. It seriously makes my day. Who knew there were so many other Beabulls out there that look like Tuck!

5. 4 weeks until my birthday, but who's counting...

6. I've been making some small changes to the blog this week. Did ya notice? I've been meaning to tweak it for a while now, finally got my act together. Bear with me if something looks funny from time to time, I have a list of tweaks I'm making my way through.

7. Get ready for Monday's home post. I stumbled up what I would deem my dream home this week while looking at homes for sale waaayyyy above our price point. Here's a teaser of the outside. To.die.for. More pictures Monday!

Ok, that's it this week. Have a great weekend! I'm really looking forward to spending a good deal of time outdoors this weekend. I hope you get to too!

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