Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jewelry Organization

More cleaning/organizing this week!

Remember when I showed you this horrendous photo back at the end of November and told you I had something in the works...

It's here! When I wrote that post, I had picked up this fun mirrored tray at none other than Target, or Tar-jay for those of you who prefer the fancy name. I'd be included in this group...

It was the perfect size for my bureau and I've been itching for a piece of mirrored furniture for a while. This shall be my introduction.

I placed every necklace I still wear into an individual clear bag and got rid of the rest. Stud earrings stayed in their little bowl I also picked up at Tar-jay a couple years ago. I knew I wanted to get a jewelry tree for the necklaces I wear often, the more delicate ones, and the bracelets I enjoy wearing.

But I knew I didn't want one of the jewelry trees that literally looks like a tree. I knew it wouldn't be able to hold everything I wanted it to. Well, lo and behold, I posted that past blog post and jetted off to Charlotte for the weekend. During some window shopping I stumbled upon the PERFECT jewelry stand. Because I didn't want to travel with it, I quickly checked Amazon on my phone for, found it and put it in my shopping bag so I could buy it once I got home.

How great is this?! Chunkier necklaces on the top bar, dangling earrings and delicate necklaces on the middle bar, and bracelets on the bottom. Perfect.

Oddly enough, I didn't end up purchasing it through Amazon Prime. I know, right?! But, it wasn't available for Prime shipping and Amazon wanted to charge me $10 in shipping. I can't stand paying for shipping anymore. So instead, I checked the vendor's site. Though the shipping was a dollar or two more, the stand was cheaper than Amazon (that never happens). And it came in 2 days even though I paid for regular shipping. Call me impressed!

I was afraid this organization would only last a week or two before I was back to having a mess to deal with, but I'm happy to say that she looks like this daily. I come home, I take off whatever jewelry I decided to wear that day, and it goes right back on the stand.

Sadly, I don't see the stand on Umbra's site or Amazon anymore! I'm really surprised it's gone. If you're looking to organize your jewelry, this has been working great for me. It's nice to see the top of my bureau uncluttered! Being able to see almost everything daily, has me switching it up more often too.

On to the next cleaning/organization project....that would be cleaning out our storage unit in the basement over here....not as much fun as jewelry organization, that's for sure!

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