Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ski Season

I owe you a recap of our trip to Charlotte, I know. But I've decided to save my two posts on this for Monday and Tuesday, in keeping with the loose blog schedule I've beent attempting. Monday will be my first ever house crashing tour. Just wait, J&A's new home is straight of a magazine. And Tuesday will be our travel recap. Get ready!

I've been taking things slow since we got back. Slowly getting the Christmas decorations out, getting some online shopping done, etc.

One thing we have finalized since getting back from our weekend away is NYE! Finally, we are getting out of the city for New Year's Eve. I couldn't be more excited. We've rented a ski in/ski out house at a ski resort in Maine for the long weekend leading up to the New Year. Judging by the group we'll be celebrating with, it's going to be a great weekend.

Between our busy schedules and the warm weather last year, J & I hardly got out on the slopes. Our goal is to drastically change that this year.  We're both hoping to get new ski jackets for Christmas; I desperately need a new one. Here are a few I'm loving, as well as a great winter vest. I threw in a pair of ski and boots too, though those aren't on the wish list just yet.

Ski Season

I can't wait to hit the slopes this year! We've lined up another long weekend in March with siblings and plan to fit some day trips in there too. 

What's your favorite winter sport?

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