Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Fun

It's hard to believe Christmas has come and gone. So sad. But man did we have fun. Holiday parties with friends and family are the best. 

Here are a few (ok, a lot of) pictures from Christmas parties we attended:

Great friends from home recently bought a house in my hometown. Uh, jealous! There are some amazing old homes filled with character and charm in my. Like, built in the 1800's old. So, so neat. Billy & Amelia found themselves an amazing home. You may remember this lovely couple from here, actually. Oh, and Amelia said we could do a home tour so you may just luck out and get yourself a glimpse! 

How gorgeous is this tree?!

The gifts, the great group of friends/guests

 And the gifts we all won in the yankee swap!

Well, I have to give credit to Amelia. She mentioned limbo and I thought, no way am I doing that! But, um well, how can you not participate in the limbo?! It was hilarious. Sadly, we're getting old though. I had to stretch between rounds, my back was killing me. (PS - yes, that is exposed brick in their kitchen. Told you, amazing home...)

Congrats to the last standing man & woman! And congrats Traci on your limbo win!

Not only is it fun to celebrate with our parties can be fun too! Especially when you marry into this family. And they throw a crazy Christmas Eve party  every year!

And this photo is so reminiscent of our wedding photos. I love these guys, but it takes a lot of effort to get them to behave during photos. 

Great minds think alike!

Handed the camera to J, this is the best shot he got of us ladies in our "ugly Christmas sweaters"

And the men. Yes, that is my father-in-law front and center.

Father & father-in-law (terribly blurry photo, I know....sorry!)

The men voted on the women's sweaters, the women voted on the are our winners! With a J photo-bomb...

I didn't have great luck finding an ugly Christmas sweater so I figured I'd make one. Sweatshirt was on the steep side at $2.99. And thank goodness for my sister's handiwork. We found all of these awesome iron-ons on Christmas Eve and she crafted this beauty while I was with my in-laws. 

And who J gets his personality from....Joey loves photobombing too

Oh yes, bedazzled back-side too.

Well, we had a great holiday over here and we hope you did too!

Next up, New Year's Eve. Have any great plans?!

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