Friday, June 13, 2014

Baby C - 34 Weeks

And just like that, another 6 weeks have flown by since my last update (here). Ah! And that means we have 6 weeks left give or take. Ahh!

I am definitely still freaking out a little bit about this. But I'm getting more comfortable with it. Whatever happens, happens. When this little love decides to make his/her appearance, we'll roll with it. We have everything we need thanks to the most incredible, extremely generous, family and friends who attended our baby shower (recap to come).

So let's get to it:

Size: Baby is currently the size of a pineapple or butternut squash depending on which app I'm looking at. He/she should be weighing in around 4.2-5.8 lbs and is 17-19 inches. I actually had an ultrasound yesterday to get an accurate measurement of Baby C. Their current estimate is 4.15lbs which puts him/her in the 39th percentile for growth. So we've got a little growing to do perhaps, but its just an estimate anyways.

Weight Gain: You ready for this one? About 32 lbs to date! Wowza. But at this point I'm past stressing about it. It is what it is and *hopefully* it will all just magically disappear post partum. ;)

Cravings: Still loving fresh fruit. Especially watermelon. And ice cold water. Oh my goodness its the tastiest thing ever. So much more refreshing than just cold water. Ice cold is where it's at. And iced coffee still....I made the mistake of trying the Dunks Cookie Dough flavor the other day....oh boy. (Tip - a medium has 3 pumps of flavor, I ask for 1 or 2 at most and then just milk since there's plenty of sugar in the syrup they use). Oh, and I will never turn down a burger...

Aversions: I can't think of anything too tends to be random. For example ordering pizza the other night, J mentioned one restaurant but the idea of pizza from THAT restaurant sounded horrible, I had to have it from THIS restaurant instead. Don't worry, I won. And the pizza was delish. :)

Lastly, what 34 weeks really feels like (for me): Yes, I will still tell you that I'm feeling great and have no complaints, which is true! But, let's face it, 6 weeks out from my due date is certainly taking its toll on my body.

  • Rib pain/ tingling sensation across the bottom of my ribs/ top of my stomach. Not surprised at all to find out the baby is head down given the pain I've been experiencing in my ribs. Apparently the tingling sensation is a nerve issue that can happen anywhere on the stomach as it stretches too...oh and it's super itchy at times!
  • The feet are unrecognizable by the end of the day. In the past week this has really gotten worse. It's more on the top of my feet rather than my ankles but they're both swelling daily now (check out those sexy cankles above! Post walk with Tuck). We've put a pillow between the mattress and box spring on my side of the bed to help raise my feet slightly above my heart while sleeping. This seems to be working. And from time to time I'll wear the compression socks I bought for running to bed- this really works.
  • Taking Tucker for walks is getting harder and harder. And I now take the flat road option versus's not long before I feel it in my hips, lower back, and pelvic area. And the pain tends to last about 24 hours. But I get my butt out there a few days a week, even if it's no more than 20 minutes.
  • And prenatal yoga is now a hardcore workout! I remember way back around 20 weeks thinking, well it's not really that hard at all but it is relaxing. Not anymore. Holding an extra 30 lbs up in downward dog or trying to maneuver around this belly in child pose is a total workout. 
  • Sleep is getting harder and harder. Some nights have upwards of 3 trips to the bathroom, some nights I wake up and just have the hardest time falling back to sleep. 
  • I am hungry all.the.time. So I've definitely been more conscious of watching for empty calories since I'll most likely be starving again soon if I don't eat something substantial.
  • And at the same time I fill up fast...smaller meals more often these days.
  • By Fridays after work, I'm useless. Totally drained and so ready to sleep in. Which never happens....last Saturday had me wide awake around 5:45 and finally giving in and getting up around 6:30...

To-Do List: Well this is a long one really. But here's what will get done in the next couple weeks -

  • Get the hospital bags together for me, baby, and J.
  • Take a childbirth class and tour the hospital Baby C will be delivered at.
  • Wash all of the clothes, blankets, crib sheets, etc.
  • Hang the pictures we were gifted in the nursery.
  • Install a closet organizer in the nursery's closet.
  • Figure out when my last day of work will be (for now). 

Here's hoping I'll be more on my game in the next few weeks and can get one more update together before it's go time!

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