Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oh Baby! Shower Recap

You know what else was a month ago now? My baby shower! Slowly catching up over here...

When discussions of a baby shower first started, my only request was that I not be ginormously, uncomfortably pregnant if at all possible. After looking at the calendar, we decided it would work out perfectly to have my shower within a few weeks of the birth of my nephew so that my sister could get home to meet him and help host my shower within the same week. I owe you a whole post on this little bundle of joy! I'm working on it don't you worry.

So just a few days after getting home from our babymoon, at 32 weeks pregnant, my mom and sister hosted the perfect baby shower in my honor. I still can't get over how much work they did. Or how generous our family and friends were! I'm not lying when I saw there is nothing left on my registry at this point. Nothing!

Here's a bit of a recap through pictures (camera pictures finally too):

My sister made this super cute bunting for the cake and then the baker mimicked it! Cake was sooo good.

I am SO lucky to have these ladies in my life. Can't thank you enough for such a perfect baby shower.

Some of J's family - love these ladies!

 All of the women who helped raise me, my momma, my aunties, my nona. <3

Cute little gifts for Baby C!


Yes, this is my SIL who had a baby 3 weeks prior! I know, she looks amazing right?

I count my lucky stars to have all these wonderful girlfriends still in my life - dating back to elementary school and before!
The college gfs. Who have certainly seen me at my finest! Don't judge... ;)

 Can you tell we're related? 

The grandmas-to-be! I know, they're way too young for that title right? But seriously, these two women are amazing. J & I can't thank you enough for all of your love, support, and guidance through the years. I hope my mama skills are up to par!

My Nona. I once wrote her letter requesting to move in since my mom was too mean. Ha. 

Soon to be 4 generations!

I could have sworn I took pictures of all of the decorations the ladies put together but sadly they are nowhere to be found now. A few items worth pointing out:

  • Centerpieces were potted plants with burlap covering the flower pot. In each plant there were baby pictures of J & I. They were adorable!! And whoever's birthday was closest to my due date got to take the flowers home.
  • Favors were baby jars of jelly beans or m&ms. I am always a fan of edible favors...and I somehow ended up with the bag of jelly beans that didn't fit in the jars...such a shame. ;)
  • Jackie dyed newborn and 3 month onesies in pink, blue, green, yellow, and orange. And strung them along the entrance to the room. They were SO cute! And I'm excited to have them to dress the little love in once he/she arrives. I may even be bringing the newborn pink and blue ones to the hospital with me...
We are so fortunate to have such amazing family and friends who couldn't be happier for us. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! Even Tucker seems a bit excited with all the new baby gear floating around the house. :)

And the due date countdown: less than 3 weeks!!

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