Friday, June 6, 2014

Charlotte, NC - April 2014, Part II

Continuing my recap of our trip to Charlotte (Part I here), Day 2 we attended the Queen's Cup horse races. This was the first time J or I had ever been to a horse race before. What a beautiful venue! 

And while it was not the Kentucky Derby by any means, people still had a lot of fun getting dressed up for the event. I went with a flow-y Cynthia Rowley dress I found at Marshalls while visiting my mom in St. Augustine. Couldn't have been more perfect for me that day, as it was hot. So something with a little room was ideal. 

Our tickets allowed us to park one car inside of the track which was absolutely perfect. We packed coolers, chairs, and lawn games and set-up shop in a nice shady spot to watch the races. 

The ladies

 Jackie's girlfriend on the left is also preggo, due in the next couple weeks!

There were 6 of us and 6 horses in most of the races so we each got a number and cheered for that horse in all of the races. Definitely added to the excitement, I think I may have "won" once. 

Obligatory hubs/wife photo. Love this guy!

Ok fine, here's the full view. Baby bump in full effect! (27 weeks here)

We could not have asked for better weather this day. It's 7pm in this photo and still absolutely gorgeous. It was hard not to fall in love with it all. After an extremely long winter in Boston, J loved every minute of the sunshine and warm weather in Charlotte. Showing his true American spirit right here. 

We were one of the last cars to leave the was just so nice out.

But we had to get back eventually, and get ready for Day 3 of awesomeness - a day on the water! Like I said in the last post, it was seriously the best weekend. 

A view of Lake Wylie from the marina where J&A were picking up their new boat (!!)


And brothers (in-law)

We cruised all over the lake, swam, and even fished before calling it a day around dinner time. I think it was time to finally relax a little bit. My cankles (or maybe swankles?) were begging me to put my feet up by this point. ;)

Thank you J&A for hosting us for such a great weekend!! We cannot wait to get back down there once Baby C has joined the family. 

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