Thursday, June 5, 2014

Charlotte - April 2014, Part I

Pardon the blog silence. Life has been crazy busy lately in the best possible way. A new nephew, a babymoon, baby shower, etc.  So I have hundreds of photos to share over the next few weeks if I can get my act together.....

Starting with our trip to Charlotte last month. We had one of the best weekends visiting my sister and brother-in-law. Seriously. Trips to Charlotte will now occur in the Spring when we're sick of the weather here in Boston and it's already 80 down south. Our previous trips to Charlotte have been in the fall when the weather has already started cooling off. But going forward, we'll be making our best effort to get down there in the warmer months.

The main reason for this trip was Jackie's 30th birthday party. There was no way I was missing this! I may have been the only sober one there but it didn't even phase me. The party was awesome. A bartender, a Chipotle bar, great music, and great friends - you can't ask for a better night! I snagged a bunch of photos before everyone arrived and then put my camera down for a while to meet and mingle with J&A's friends.

Yes, I said Chipotle bar up above. How incredible is that?! And it was a huge hit! J and I both agreed we will find a reason to do this. It was the easiest set-up ever and the food was delicious (obviously).

The bartender got there a little early and prepped a big batch of fresh margaritas to serve guests as they arrived. Such a great idea. If you hadn't noticed, there was a Mexican theme going on here...Jackie's favorite food and drink of choice. 

The bottomless margaritas and wine were definitely a bit of a tease for me. But I enjoyed my iced tea/lemonade Jackie picked up for me (a major craving lately)

Isn't my sister gorgeous? 

And this is a peak at what happens when you bribe the bartender into pouring your drinks with a heavy hand. ;) Kidding, kinda (but not really). The boys had accidentally picked out matching outfits to wear to the party - J changed his shorts to make it a little less obvious. So cute, ha. (and yes, this was the best picture I could get of them!)

And some late night music once most of the guests had left. I found my way to the couch and enjoyed the drunken antics that ensued. :)

Well this was only Day 1 in Charlotte! To be continued...

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