Friday, April 11, 2014

Fun Fact Friday 04.11.14

Throughout the week/weekend I sporadically snap pictures with my phone, thinking about blog posts and what I want to share. Thinking, "oh this would make a great post perhaps." Annd then life gets in the way yet again and the pictures just accumulate on my phone.

I'm in the home stretch of work deadlines. And I'm leaving for Florida in the morning. Yippee! But here are a few pictures I snapped over the past week and what's been going on other than work.

I was out of my beloved Olay night cream recently so I headed over to Walmart to grab some more. And then I saw this....maybe its the tiny human growing inside of me but something about it being 99% natural struck a chord. Totally not regretting this purchase. Even the next morning my skin is super soft.

 We jetted off to NYC last weekend to visit friends. It was so nice to see J's college roommates, especially since we hadn't seen them since June! But a weekend in the city and on the road meant not eating all that healthy. So a big kale salad with homemade dressing was a must Sunday night. Without thinking I picked up Tuscan Kale for our salad....bad idea. It was much rougher/thicker than curly kale. I'll be sticking with regular kale for raw salads going forward. One of the best parts about kale salad though? Leftovers. It doesn't get soggy! So lunch was all set for Monday too.

On our drive to NYC I tested out a pair of Preggers compression leggings. Starting at 24 weeks I started noticing swollen feet some nights. Yikes! So its time to start slowing down and literally put my feet up when I can. Review (and a giveaway!) of the leggings to come - they are awesome!

You guys, I was gifted my very own pair of New England Outwear loafers!! I was totally surprised by my thoughtful (and very talented) brother-in-law. They are insanely comfortable and so well made.

Oh Tucker, you melt mama's heart these days. I've mentioned before how important it is to us to do what we can to make Tucker's introduction to a baby as smooth as possible. We just have no idea how he's going to react as he's never around kids. So we spend time in the nursery when we can. Honestly, it's really just the rug that Tucker's obsessed with but still, it gets him in the room. And in this picture he's snoozing next to a box of diapers and wipes which certainly give off a bit of "baby" scent! There's still lots to do in the nursery so this is your sneak peak for now. I'll share the full room once complete.

This week I really felt pregnant. It was interesting to say the least. Tuesday I decided to attempt jogging for a total of 5 mins. I just needed to get my heart rate up and walking wasn't cutting it. Bad, bad idea. I'm still in pain. I've learned my lesson, no more jogging for this mama-to-be.

Pair that with a real late worknight Wednesday/early day Thursday. Oh was I a waddling/limping ball of emotions. It's kind of comical to look back at now that the days over. There were unnecessary tears out of just pure exhaustion, stress from work, anxiety over everything we need to get done before this baby joins us, when am I going to get laundry done for my trip, etc. I happened to mention to J over the phone, I have no idea what's wrong with me and why I'm so emotional today?! Love him, "um Trace, I think we know why you're emotional today." ha. Touche. But hey, I think he'd agree I've been pretty good so far in terms of pregnancy hormones.

So I'm glad this week is over. And when I get back from Florida, tax season will be over too! I planned this trip well.

PS - 40% Sherwin Williams paint this weekend for preferred guests! (it's easy, all they need is an email address). I should totally take advantage of this for our bathroom reno!

Have a fantastic weekend!

What are you up to this weekend?
Before I fly down to FL I'll be enjoying my sister-in-laws baby shower Saturday afternoon. I can't wait! I'm so excited to meet my nephew next month and can't wait to see Meg have a wonderful day tomorrow being showered with gifts for her baby boy.

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  1. I'll need to try that Burt's Bees cream. Your nurserey carpet looks so comfy!!


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