Monday, April 21, 2014

Winter Wonderland

I'm back! And hopefully will be posting more frequently again with life getting back to a normal pace.

First and most importantly - good luck to everyone running the Boston Marathon today! It is going to be a very emotional day in the city. And I look forward to watching the events all day (I'll be at work unfortunately...but the TVs will definitely be broadcasting the race).

Last weeks silence was needed. I spent most of the week down in Florida with my mom and cannot believe just how relaxing my first full day was. Not sure I'll see another day like that for the next few years! But let's leave that for another post.

I'm well behind schedule these days, lots of catching up to do. Like for example, how I finally took a day off at the end of March and J & I headed up north to Maine for a few days. We stayed at my parents house deep in the woods and I did a whole lot of relaxing. It was great. While J & my dad went out on the snowmobiles, I took the dogs for a walk in the woods, did some prenatal yoga stretches and took not one, but two (!) naps on Saturday. My body really needed it.

A nice healthy lunch to fuel my walk. Those cheddar cheese slices had an everything bagel seasoning on them. They were amazing!

Even though this was the end of March and I want the snow gone in Boston by then, I don't mind it at all up north. That's where it belongs, right? 

It was so nice to put an out of office up. Just what I needed. 

But now I'm ready for Summer! How about you? 

What's your favorite season?

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