Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Updates

Well, I really had intentions of getting this post up on Friday...and then work blew up. Woah it's been a week. I'm hitting my work busy season burn out bad this year. I don't want to use this pregnancy as an excuse, but I don't know - I am tired!

On a brighter note, I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!

Here are a few things my mind has been able to sort through this week/weekend other than work.

1. This post is absolutely, positively amazing. And oh so important.

2. Our Valentine's Day plans were up in the air up until 6 pm Friday night when things cleared up at work and I sprinted out the door before someone could change their mind. Honestly, we've both been putting in extra work hours this month so a go with the flow, no reservations needed night was necessary, and it was amazing. A trip to Chipotle, followed by a stroll over to Coldstone. Home by 8:30. Just perfect.

3. Confession - I haven't really been into the Winter Olympics this year....part of it is definitely due to work. But otherwise, I feel like they keep showing the same events OR they spoil the results for you earlier in the day before they show it! I have to say though, the USA v. Russia men's hockey game Saturday morning was awesome! We had ordered a new dog ID tag for Tucker recently and it finally came in on Friday. Tuck was psyched to sport it for the big game Saturday.

4. Also, not really into this snow anymore. I've had just about enough of it and commuting to work. I've resorted to online "window" shop for maxi dresses and maternity bathing suits (how unsexy does that sound...) to calm me down. I need a beach vacation stat!

5. The bright side to being snowed in this past Saturday? I finally made Giada's turkey, kale, and brown rice soup. I had originally seen the receipe on Natalie's blog and knew it would be a hit over here. I've yet to make a Giada recipe we didn't love...highly recommend it!

6. Oh hey, I spent a few extra minutes and ran a curling iron through my hair one morning this week (on a dry shampoo morning).

7. Glimpses like this still make me smile. Boy has this home come a very long way.

8. J thought this sign was perfect for my mom. I think most ladies/dog-moms can relate to this sign from time to time. :)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Giada has the best recipes! Yum! And double yum to Chipotle and Coldstone!!


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