Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beauty Routine: Makeup

A little delay, but finally the last installment in my daily beauty routine. If you missed the previous posts, here you go: Part 1 - Skin Care, Part 2 - Hair.

And now, on to Makeup. Here's a peak at my go-to routine.

Makeup Routine

1 - On a daily basis, I use this Revlon face powder. I apply it with a brush and it provides just enough coverage to mask any shine moisturizer left behind. It is so lightweight. On days where I need a little boost, I'll apply Olay's CC cream first to add a touch of softness to my skin. The CC cream does a great job of smoothing out any discoloration.

2 - Next is eyeliner. I apply it all the way across my upper eyelid and only half way across the bottom (outside edge). I'm a big fan of this Maybelline one. It's smooth and not too thin, just enough definition.

3 - Once I've applied eyeliner, I swipe on a neutral, highlighting eye shadow. Something to brighten up these tired eyes during the week! The Mary-Lou Manizer is the brightest one I tend to use, on those real tired days. Other days I opt for Clinique's sunset gold which is a little more neutral. Lastly, I've had fun with this Smashbox eyeshadow sampler I recently received from Birchbox. Swipe across the top, dab on the inner corner, dab on the outer edge of the lower eyelid. And then smooth out any excess shadow that may have fallen below the eye with a pinky.

4 - As a last step to my eye makeup, I finish up with mascara. I'm a huge fan of this Clinique mascara. The comb works amazingly at lengthening those lashes! But I ran out of this mascara recently and Birchbox stepped in, providing Smashbox's full exposure. It is awesome. It has worked well thickening and lengthening my eyelashes. Definitely doesn't lengthen as well as the Clinique one does but the thickening characteristic is fantastic. And on the plus side, they both stay in place very well. I hate when I look in the mirror and there is mascara under my eyes.

5 - J stuck this rosy lips Vaseline in my Christmas stocking this year and I must say, it is fantastic. It smells amazing, adds a touch of color, and keeps my lips healthy in these cold, dry months. It's just enough sheen to finish off my daily routine.

What's your go-to makeup product?
If I only put on one thing, on weekends for example, it's mascara. Just a few swipes really seems to brighten up my face.

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