Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Fact Friday 10.25.13

Oh boy. Happy Friday! Indeed. The beginning of this week went by so slow for me, but now I can't believe it's already Friday. Where did the week go?

Here's a few glimpses at what's been going on over here:

1. I had the opportunity to work from home yesterday. So I took it as an opportunity to run to the hardware store at 7 am to pick up paint samples. Typically I'm leaving the house at 7 for work so it was nice to have a chance to get a few errands done. Gotta love Benjamin Moore coupons when you're in the midst of painting your whole house!

2. I posted this photo to instagram Wednesday night. If you don't know, Tucker is a huge snuggler. Huge! He's such a stinker though. He will groan and moan if you ask him to lie with you and once he's in the perfect snuggling position, he passes out cold in seconds. And is such a little cuddly baby!

3. Having grown up in the '90's there are a few movies I remember watching that were definitely before my time but I loved them anyways. One was Fried Green Tomatoes. Another, Steel Magnolias. The house the Steel Magnolias was filmed in is up for auction. You can check it out here.

4. I started this week off feeling pretty good about the amount of work we got down on the house last weekend. But the anxiety is creeping back in. Time to start this weekends list. I think it will include:

  • Filling the wood holes, priming, and painting the baseboards and windows in the spare bedroom 
  • Painting the final coat on the board & batten in the bathroom
  • Finding the perfect color for the top half of the bathroom walls
  • Sampling colors in the living room

5. Last weekend we had pictures taken in front of our new home. It was something our mortgage company set-up and I couldn't be more grateful. Yes, they did it for their own benefit - they have a showcase of "happy homeowners" that they were adding us to - but hey I'll take free professional photos any day! We definitely felt a little silly when cars would drive by but I can't wait to see the pictures! As the sun set, the photographer asked us to run in and turn every light in the front of the house on. It reminded me of a great photo YHL captured and I loved the idea so much. So I snuck a photo after the photographer left. I am so happy in our new home!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Beautiful house and definitely nice having professional photos! Have a good weekend :)

  2. hi from the linkup, love!! just started following along too! yay!!

    puppy snuggles are the best. melted seeing that pics!

    and what a cool thing for yall's mortgage company to set up. i love it! and your house is GORGEOUS! simply gorgeous!!!

    hope you've had a lovely fri!

  3. Love Fried Green Tomatoes! Such a great movie. And your house is beautiful! I bet the professional photos will look amazing!

    Char char| 

  4. Your home is beautiful! Gosh our huge lab loves to crawl on our laps like that, too. 90 pound lap dog...haha! New follower on bloglovin. -Andrea :)

  5. Hey there! Stopping by from the Weekend blog party. New bloglovin follower. Your house is SO CUTE! Congrats. And the little snuggle monster pup is too!


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