Wednesday, October 16, 2013


If I've learned anything about my style from this move, it's that 1 - I have too many clothes and 2 - I keep things fairly simple.

Our bedroom has been in disarray since we moved in. Specifically my closet once it became the storage space for our contractor during the master bathroom renovation. There are a couple boxes of clothes that have yet to get unpacked. And guess what, I haven't missed much. I'm sure there are some cute tops, shorts, light sweaters, etc waiting to be discovered in these boxes. But I can't tell you what they look like! So that tells me one thing, I don't need them. Don't worry, they'll be getting donated.

But isn't it funny that mentally cleaning out my closet can lead to a few new purchases? How horrible is that?! Some Fridays at work are more productive than others. Last Friday? Awful. Hey, it was my anniversary and all I wanted to do was get to our dinner reservations! So when I decided to scan the promotional emails instead of immediately delete, it was clear to see that everyone is having sales. Major sales. 50% off JCrew Factory, yes please! I ordered #2 & #3 below and threw in a new pair of jeans for J to make him feel good about my spending. What?


 1 / 2 / 3

Then I learned that Old Navy was having quite the in-store sale (30-50% off). So somehow I conveniently ended up near one over this long-weekend and snagged a new vest and some long sleeve cotton T's. My definition of autumn this year is cozy. That's how I want to feel; bundled up and cozy. 

These purchases definitely fall under my keep it simple style. 

How would you define your style this season?
In the Spring & Summer I think my style is definitely more fun and bright. But this fall has me leaning towards more neutrals and cozy layers.

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