Thursday, September 20, 2012

Recent Eats

Nothing too crazy over here lately. Just trying to get back into eating healthy since getting back from our trip.

Some recent eats I would highly recommend...

Tried my first Kombucha finally. There's a great health food store we stop by from time to time when we're home visiting the families. A recent trip was a must. Gotta get our booties back into shape and eating right.

I ran in and stocked up on raw oats, About Time protein powder (it's the best!), almonds, pop chips, the list goes on. J wasn't feeling all that great so he asked me to grab him a coconut water. Well lo and behold, Kombucha was also in the fridge. As I'm reading the side of the bottle I see that one of the probiotics listed is the ONE probiotic we were trying to find in pill format after coming home from Morocco with a few stomach issues. Go figure!

I really did not know what to expect before trying the Kombucha. First mistake - do NOT shake it! oops. It is fermented tea and there for it is fizzy. Because of the fermentation J and I agreed it had a slight beer taste to it. And it was not nearly as sweet as I was afraid it would be. All in all, I will certainly try one again.

Like I mentioned above, we had a few issues after coming home from Morocco. Who knows how it happened but J ended up a lot sicker than I was, read antibiotics were a must. Just because J couldn't eat didn't mean I was going to starve.

Cajun swordfish and my new obsession - salad with grapes, blue cheese and walnuts.

And my best new find. All natural banana ice cream! Read that - 1 ingredient, bananas. Yup, that simple. The sweet craving hit hard the other night. But we had no sweet treats in the house. I must have seen this on pinterest or something, because I grabbed the computer googled banana ice cream and as they say, the rest is history.

Thank you The Nourishing Gourmet for an incredibly easy recipe. I threw 3 bananas in the freezer the minute I finished reading the recipe. 4 hours later (if that) the bananas were frozen and ready to go.

I used our blender, threw in a few splashes of almond milk to get things moving, a heaping spoonful of peanut butter and let it whirl. Annd, nothing happened. ha. Note to self, you're not making a smoothie Trace. I opened up the blender used a spoon to move the bananas around, cut them up, mash them a little bit, and then turned the blender back on, on a lower setting. I probably repeated this process twice more and after that it swirled into this beautiful design.

It was delicious! Seriously, so pleasantly surprised. J loved it too. You better believe I put a swirl of chocolate syrup on top of mine.

We've since made this again but used bananas that weren't as ripe and chocolate versus peanut butter. The ice cream will taste similar to the bananas you use. We liked the riper bananas much better.

Next I think I shall try peanut butter-banana-chocolate. Watch out! Things are getting wild over here.

Any new recipes you'd care to share? Help a girl out!

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