Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Morocco: Travel

Though it took years of growing pains and over packing, I've managed to work out a system for packing that seems to work well for me.

I used to pack as much of my closet as I possibly could. Even paying the heavy baggage fee if needed. What was I thinking?! Lugging around a heavy suitcase is not fun. Not in the least bit. And with 3 stops on this trip, I did my best to pare down my clothes, toiletries, etc.

Thank you Target for providing me with travel size mousse, dry shampoo & hair spray, Ulta for a baby bottle of Macadamia Nut Oil, and Birchbox for a sample of Quick Curls cream.

The last night of our trip was an overnight layover in Madrid. Meaning we had no suitcases, simply our carry-on luggage. I thought I was so smart having all of my haircare in under 3 oz. bottles. Well, guess what? Only the US seems to care about all those rules. Go figure! BUT, it was so nice to fit everything in the toiletry bag within my carry-on.

Having spare room in my suitcase, meant one thing - room for snacks! It was the perfect plan, as we ate the snacks, the more room I had in my suitcase for shopping. And we went into this trip fully knowing we'd be doing a terrible amount of shopping in Marrakech. Hey, at least he was forewarned. :)

The iced VIA coffees were probably my best idea, followed by the fruit snacks. They do not have iced coffee in Morroco or Madrid. And with temps over 100 degrees, it was so nice to have a few bottles made up in the fridge in our room. Nice little afternoon perk.

I forgot breakfast was included in our stay at all 3 hotels so we didn't end up eating the oatmeal but I will definitely pack them in the future. My goal was to bring a few healthy options since I know myself too well, and choosing healthy meals while traveling is not my strong suit.

Lastly, I made a list of each day of the trip and where we would be. I packed one outfit for each day, some dresses for dinners, and that's about it. I had one and only one choice to wear each day, no second guessing. No moments of, "I have nothing to wear." J packed in about 10 minutes with no list, and had no issues of course. Oh to be a man.

Once we were packed, it was off to Europe and Africa! I was so excited for all the stamps in my new passport!

First four nights were spent at this charming resort -

Then we headed to Marrakech, where we stayed in this Riad - (definition of a Riad. It was soo beautiful)

And lastly, on to our modern hotel in Madrid -
 Yes, that is a frosted glass bathroom, and yes that is the toilet you can see.....not sure who thought that was a good idea...

I have no complaints about any of our stays. They were all clean, comfortable, and in great locations. And don't be fooled, they were all booked with some kind of deal - a groupon, a discount travel site, and a summer savings promotion. Champagne taste on a beer budget my friends. :) Ok, maybe not THAT bad, but you know what I mean.

And to sum up my travel experience. All of this isn't all its cracked up to be unless you have a great travel companion to share it with. And I can't think J enough for putting up with me when we travel. Letting me shop, letting me soak up an extra hour in the sun, splitting Rose with me when he really wants red wine, and most importantly, making me laugh the entire trip. What a guy.

I wish I could remember what happened here. Elevator door must have opened, oops!
 Vacation beard

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