Friday, October 10, 2014

It's Go Time

I'm doing my best to soak up every minute I have left at home before heading back to work Monday. It's going to be quite the adjustment, but we'll do our best.

For this reason, there have been days the laptop stays shut. It's amazing how quickly priorities and routines can change! Sorry blog, you've been bumped down on the list. But, it's really important to me that I document L's birth story before we're in 2015 and she's suddenly crawling, walking, etc. So much happened and I want to remember every detail.

Honestly, I'm still in shock at her arrival before her due date. I seriously did not see it coming! So here goes:

Friday, July 18: I head off to my last day of work before maternity leave! Even though L's due date wasn't until the following Wednesday (which is when my company's maternity leave kicks in), I decided to take paid time off/vacation days Mon/Tues.

On the way to work I stop at my OB's office for our weekly visit/check-in. Not surprised at all to hear we've got no activity at all - 0% dilated, 0% effaced. We make plans for our visit the following week where we'd most likely discuss my options for getting induced. In my head I'm thinking, perfect. I'll have a few days at home to tidy up the mess our kitchen reno has created, get a mani/pedi, float in the pool, etc. Can't wait!

I stay later than planned at work to do my best to close out as many open items as possible before I'm out. I cancel J & my dinner plans in the city, we can go next week!, and finally head home. As a last ditch effort to get a good nights sleep, I take Benadryl before bed.

Which keeps me up alllll night long. Ugh.

Saturday, July 19:

7:00 AM. Exhausted. Freakin A, why did Benadryl have a reverse effect on me.  J's up early to help his parents move before heading out on the boat with my dad. Tucker's been staying with my parents while our kitchen reno occurs so I head down to their house to relax with my mom while the guys are out on the water.

1:00 PM. We head out to grab lunch and my mom asks me if I'd like to split a sandwich at our favorite local place - Cravings. I decide it's probably best if I get my own, I'm pretty hungry (thank god I did this).  So we eat lunch and watch some TV before deciding on naps.

2:30 PM. Hmm, that's odd. I think I just had a Braxton Hicks contraction. And another. And another. What the....?! My mom heads upstairs to take a nap in her room and I do my best to nap on the couch but these cramps keep coming back. I haven't told her yet or messaged J. I decide to time them on one of the pregnancy apps I have first and see what happens. I grab some more water, take a walk around the house/driveway, and continue on in my state of denial.

4:00 PM. Contractions are at most 5 mins apart, but down to 2-3 mins apart at times. And are lasting up to 60 seconds. Omg.

J texts me to let me know he has his phone if I need anything (talk about timing!). I reply ok, have fun. I know I'm just going to get sent home and told it's false labor, right? So I'll just wait it out here instead.

This little voice in the back of my head reminds me of the many times I've read about when to go to the hospital: the 511 rule = 5 mins apart, lasting 1 min, for 1 full hour.

Ok, they're averaging 3-4 mins apart, lasting 1 min, and it's been over an hour. Eff. I call the Dr's office, just in case. And they tell me to head to the hospital. WHAT?!

4:30 PM. Moms sleeping, J and Dad are OUT ON A BOAT! I wake up my mom, tears start flowing and I ask her to take me to the hospital. I'm feeling like such a fool right now because I KNOW they're going to send me home.

We grab iced coffees on the way, priorities, and I finally call J to tell him what's happening. HE DOESN'T ANSWER! Seriously. Not that surprised, he never hears/answers his I let my mom call my dad. But to tell them we're going to just go see, not to worry yet (they start making their way back to the marina anyways, my dad was great and calmly told J what was happening. J said it was the longest return to dock ever of course).

And I tell her not to make another call. Unless and until they tell me it's go time, let's not get anyone too excited.

5:30 PM. Check-in at the hospital and get hooked up to monitors. My phone dies (of course).

The Dr comes in and checks what's going on. I'm starting to feel embarrased, as I know she's about to tell me we've got no activity yet. Same as yesterday. But she begins to talk and I hear the words 4 cm and you're not going anywhere. If it was physically possible, my jaw would have hit the floor.

6:00 PM. Mom calls J. It's go time!

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  1. aw that was so fun to read, thanks so much for sharing it here! and now i'm tearing up at my desk!! (my favorite is the stop for iced coffees haha)


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