Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pregnancy Must Haves

First and foremost....Happy first day of Spring!!! Finally!

We're more than halfway through this pregnancy which just seems crazy to me. But I figure at this point, I can at least share what has made its way to my favorites list as of late. Many of these items get daily use, others are way up there in the rotation.

And as someone who appreciates reading others' must have lists, I figured why not share mine.

Pregnancy Must Haves

1 - These slippers. They are the best, whether you're preggo or not. Lately though, I've noticed the inner soles are getting worn thin from their daily use. Seeing as they are a couple years old at this point, I'd say I've gotten my money's worth.

2 - Thank you Mint Arrow for the greatest pregnancy list I've yet to stumble across. I found this list back before Christmas and immediately forwarded the BeBand recommendation to J as a stocking idea. Well he ended up getting me the BellaBand instead as its also sold at Target and I have to say, it is fantastic. I have yet to purchase a maternity pair of work pants. My bigger belly lately isn't so comfortable in pre-pregnancy jeans with the band but the lightweight fabric of work pants still works out great.

3 - Leggings have been an absolute must lately. Before I really started showing, I was a huge fan of these JCrew Factory ones. But lately, it's all about the full-belly maternity ones. Ridiculously comfortable after a long work day, for my weekly walks with Tucker (we're working on not pulling as much so he's ready for stroller walks), and weekend errands around town.

4 - A sweet friend gifted me this Palmers Lotion and it's been a great addition to my daily routine. I've been using it daily on my hips, backside, and even thighs. Hey, you just never know with stretch marks! And my skin scars very easily so I cannot be too careful.

5 - And in addition to the lotion, I'm still loving this body oil. This is used daily on my growing belly.

6 - Water Bottles are an absolute must. They recommend at least 8 cups of water a day so I've been using this 32 oz nalgene at work every day. I make it a habit to finish one before lunch and then another before I leave each day. And because I continued to miss my mouth with this bottle, I "splurged" on a easy sipper - totally worth it.

When it comes to working out, I highly recommend this Camelback water bottle. This was my go-to even before being preggo. But when I was running in the beginning of this pregnancy it was extremely important to watch my water intake. The best thing about this water bottle is not worrying about a cap while working out. I have definitely spilled water all over the treadmill before when I've had to buy a bottle of water instead of using my Camelback. 

7 - When I first started taking prenatal vitamins I did the only thing I could think to do - read reviews. And these vitamins seemed top notch so I bought myself a bottle and have been taking them ever since. Oddly enough, when I first found these using my Amazon app they were very reasonably priced and easy to find for the larger bottle. I've paid about $25 for 150 vitamins each time.

8 - I was doing my best to hold off on maternity clothing purchases until recently when they've started becoming more of a need. Much of my regular workout gear is feeling rather snug and a bit uncomfortable these days but I could seriously live in Lululemon tops. I loved this top before I was preggo but love it even more now. I swear it grows with me. It is so comfortable. Another one of these may have just become a maternity need.... ;)

9 - Maternity jeans. I can't say enough about my splurge on good jeans. I work in an office with casual Fridays so nice jeans are worn weekly. But last Friday, when I tried wearing my regular JCrew jeans and the BellaBand all day, I realized it was time to add another pair to the mix. One issue I'm finding with maternity clothes shopping is that no one carries it in store. Very frustrating. So I decided to check out Target first. Why not? It's so nice to try things on these days. And I have to say, these Liz Lange jeans seemed to be made for me. The fit was perfect, they're soft, and best of all, they are a steal of a deal. I'll keep you posted on whether the Target brand holds up as well as the Sevens. The Sevens have been washed and worn many, many times already and are still perfect. I have yet to wash the Target ones...

10 - Body Pillow. My sister is the absolute best and surprised me with the Bump Nest body pillow (the pretty gray one). It is a must! I am not a side sleeper at all so this pillow has been so helpful for me. It's the only one I've used so it's the only one I can recommend but it's pretty amazing and worth it in my book.

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